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Plants produce seeds and seeds are the "eggs" that hold all of the nourishment needed to support new plant growth. They are packed with life-giving nutrients, all wrapped up in a neat and tiny protective shell.

For thousands of years, man has used seeds for culinary and medicinal purposes, enjoying their rich and distinctive flavors and health promoting compositions.

While you can consume seeds as part of your daily diet, enjoying concentrated seed oil is a great way to capitalize on nutrients. It is similar to the nutritional punch that you get when you juice a load of fresh veggies and fruits as opposed to eating them all at one time. Your body receives a rush of nutrients that can heal and revitalize your body at the cellular level.

Quality Matters

Like any other food choice, quality matters when it comes to selecting both seeds and seed oil. High quality organic seeds and oils should be sought out for best results. The method of extraction also matters.

Many seed oil companies use methods to extract the oils that damage the nutrient value of the oil.

These methods include hydraulic and cold expeller pressing as well as solvent extraction. Because of the damage done to the oil components during these extraction methods, these oils must always be refrigerated.

Discover our Revolutionary Perfect Press™ Technology

This technology is so delicate yet powerful that the precious nutrient qualities of the seeds are left undamaged. The result is high quality oil that needs no refrigeration and will last for up to a year in the kitchen cupboard.

Each Perfect Press oil-blend is designed to elevate your health on a multitude of levels.

Every organ in your body from brain, heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas - to respiratory, digestive, muscles, joints and skin - from head to toe are dynamically enhanced when you incorporate Perfect Press oils into your daily regiment, making your life a pure joy to live!

All Perfect Press oils contain the DNA "blueprint of life" and are the perfect blend of nutritional seed oils containing 100% Life Energy - using the most advanced German Perfect Press™ technology.

Every bottle of Perfect Press is:

  • A blend of fresh-harvested USDA certified organic seeds, tested with Activation's strict quality standards.
  • Perfectly Pressed™ using proprietary Perfect Press Technology™, extracted in a fraction-of-a-second.
  • Rapidly sealed in a new premium light-protective Miron Bottle, upon pressing.

Here's What Perfect Press Customers Are Saying:

  • Leila G - Rejuvenating the Life Into Your Body

    "ALL OF MY LIFE, I've had to put oils and lotion on my extremely dry skin; and, within the last five years, I've battled ugly, scaly and discolored psoriasis on my legs, which I was encourage to accept as it was merely a sign of my getting older.

    I recently ordered the oil and within days, ALL OF THE flaking SCALES are completely gone....NO LOTION nor additional oils are now necessary. My legs feel soft, supple, and MOIST! I don't believe I can express to you how this almost seems impossible.

    This is 70 years of complete dryness wiped out within a few days. My fingernails are taking on luster and feeling stronger. Chapped lips are 90% better....corns on my feet are disappearing! My back has become STRONGER (plagued with scoliosis and kyphoscoliosis, arthritis and osteoporosis). My CONFIDENCE and physical speed have accelerated.

    It's as though I'm 20 years young again! Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton has been added to my daily protocol and I am truly grateful for Activation Products. Thank you for being there for me. There is light at the end of the tunnel." - Leila G, Activation Products Customer

  • Sabrina M - A Refreshing State of Mind

    "Hi Activation Products:

    Four days ago my sister with stage five pancreatic cancer was in liver and kidney failure. I gave her some Perfect Press and watched a miracle take place. Her liver and kidneys started working again. That night she was in terrible pain as her liver started pumping sludge through her gall bladder but she knew it was a good pain and was thankful her liver was working again. Yesterday I went over there and was shocked - she looked so much better we both cried.

    After 4 days on Perfect Press her first chore in months was to go shopping for eight hours. Mind you, my sister's been been bed ridden on hospice for months. The swelling in her abdomen from the liver failure is all gone and she looks so much better. We didn't think she was going to last a week now we have hope that she will be here for the holidays.

    This product is truly a life saver!!!!!" - Sabrina M, Activation Products Customer

  • Joslyn K - Re-Energize, Refocus

    "My friend suffers with colitis, he doesn't run to the bathroom so often since he started taking this product, and he's off the pharmaceutical drugs!! This is really a miracle product; really see a difference. Now he's much better than how he was before; stomach does hurt, but not like he was before; this oil really helped him." - Joslyn K, Activation Products Customer

  • Paul K - Raise Your Energy, Clear Your Mind

    "Higher energy, definitely feel a boost in energy; have suffered with general malaise for last few years and nothing worked except this product." - Paul K, Activation Products Customer

  • Beverly C - Tackle Inflammation, Move Like a Teenager

    "I have chronic osteoarthritis and after using your wonderful oil for 3 weeks my joint inflammation has lessened considerably. It has taken the edge off of severe pain throughout my body and I only hope you don't go out of business. You have a customer for life! Thank you so much." - Beverly C, Activation Products Customer

  • Deni F - Improve Dental Health!

    "I have taken Perfect Press for 4 months and just switched over to the Black Cumin Seed Oil 1 week ago now! And I am already seeing a positive result!! Within 5 days the constant white (Candida) coating on my tongue was gone!! I LOVE your products and find them to be of impeccable quality!!" - Deni F, Activation Products Customer

  • Linda R - Experience the Amazing Benefits

    "I love the Perfect Press oil, I feel that it is really making a difference in my overall health. I am not a fan of the taste or texture of the oil and mixing it in a glass of water just makes for an oily glass, but I will continue to take it for the amazing benefits. Thank you. " - Linda R, Activation Products Customer

  • Gordon B - Increase Libido, and Defeat Bad Breath!

    "For many years I have awakened with very bad breath and have tried a lot of products to correct the problem but nothing worked. I am very happy to report that after only a few days of taking 2 teaspoons daily of the Perfect Press 5 Oil blend the bad breath is gone. My libido is also improving. I am amazed and excited about the changes I am seeing and I have only been taking it for about 1 week." - Gordon B, Activation Products Customer

  • Richard T - Showing Signs of Thicker Hair!

    "We believe that the Perfect Press Five Seed Oil Blend 207ml I ordered in August is an excellent product as our skin seems thicker, it seems my hair is also thicker and little lesions that may have been precancerous are diminishing. Therefore we would like to double the auto ship order and have the next 3 bottles sent as soon as possible to insure we continue our daily ingestion of same!" - Richard T, Activation Products Customer

  • Anna C - Shift Your Energy to the Next Gear!

    "This stuff is life changing! I've been on Oceans Alive and Perfect Press oils for about 3 weeks and I now have the energy that I've been desperately searching for a long time. I feel motivated once again to focus on what's most important within each moment. Everyone who is ready to make that SHIFT in their life NEEDS to try these products. It will accelerate your growth exponentially. Check it out. You will truly become ACTIVATED. DNA rocket fuel." - Anna C, Activation Products Customer

  • Perfect Press
    Black Cumin Oil

    With a myriad of powerful health benefits including over 20 other pharmacological uses, including... Anti-bacterial, Antiviral, Anti-fungal, Anti-diabetic, Anti-Inflammatory, liver protector and kidney defender. When applied topically, the oil can soothe skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and acne.

    Price: $49.00
  • Perfect Press
    Five Oil Blend

    Our most popular oil offering a blend of 5 potent oils including sunflower oil, flax seed oil, black sesame oil, coriander seed oil and pumpkin seed oil You cannot go wrong adding this full spectrum blend to your diet for multiple health benefits.

    Price: $39.00
  • Perfect Press
    Coriander Seed

    Coriander is an herb that is native to Asia and parts of Europe. Known as a natural antioxidant with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties the oil from coriander seeds supports healthy digestion and liver, spleen and pancreas performance. In addition, coriander oil is also used to help regulate blood sugar and reduce overall inflammation within the body.

    Price: $39.00
  • Perfect Press
    Amaranth Seed

    Amaranth oil is celebrated for its beauty-enhancing properties, as well as its nutritional richness. Containing both unsaturated fatty acids and squalene, a compound known for its wide range of health benefits, this oil supports cardiovascular health and restores youth and radiance to skin.

    Price: $49.00
  • Perfect Press
    Pumpkin Seed

    Perfect Press Styrian Pumpkin Oil is rich, nutty tasting and pressed from the seeds of styrian pumpkins, known in particular for their nutritious seeds. These seeds are mineral-rich, teeming with healthy fatty acids and high in vitamin E. The deep green color of this nourishing oil comes from carotenoid and porphyrin phytochemicals, which have antioxidant effects. Prostate, bladder and kidney health all benefit from regular use of this oil.

    Price: $59.00
  • Perfect Press
    Flax Seed

    Flax seeds are one of nature’s best sources of vegetarian omega-3 fatty acids. These essential fats support heart health, skin elasticity, joint mobility and proper cellular growth.

    Price: $39.00

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