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"Deadly Trojan-Horse Found in U.S. Food Supply"

Shocking Discoveries Behind Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes & Dementia

A man-made poison (hidden) in the foods you eat,
filling your arteries with plaque & infiltrating every cell
in your body; causing an all-out INFLAMMATION WAR
destroying your most vital health defenses.

YOU MAY REMEMBER: when Erin Brockovich exposed how PG&E was intentionally injecting CANCEROUS POISON into the water supply of Hinkley CA — And even went on to tell the locals it was actually GOOD for them?

Well this is worse than that.

Imagine something much bigger than glyphosate, GMO's or your latest vaccine controversy.

Imagine there are artificially-engineered poisons being fed to you in multiple forms of foods and in multiple quantities. Everywhere from packaged foods, restaurants, supplements... even your local health food store.

Now imagine this nightmare is REAL. (And it's affecting you — and everyone you care about.)

The Erin Brockovich case resulted in the largest direct-action lawsuit in US history. And yet it's dwarfed by a factor of 1,000,000x by what this letter entails. (*A notion you'll concur with by the time you finish reading this quite nerving document.)

 *For example;

DID YOU KNOW? Over the past decade Heart Disease dropped a shocking 70% in Denmark after a form of this "American-engineered poison" was REMOVED from their food supply?

Yet in North America... these poisonous "heart-stoppers" remain unavoidable. And they are being fed to all of us in multiple forms of foods and in multiple quantities.

The FDA has openly acknowledged the allocated use of these poisons and referenced their associated dangers. Not only have they decided to sit back and allow these artificial-poisons to exist in our food... they've actually made a form of their inclusion the LAW!

They frequently comment on the controversy to portray themselves as reliable pro-active authorities to save face, while they continue to sweep condemning evidence under the rug — avoiding the cross-hairs of their Pharma buddies.

We're talking about the lives and suffering
of MILLIONS of innocent people.

Not to mention the millions who (avoidably) we've already lost.

And make no mistake, Heart Disease is just the tip of the iceberg. The culprits and damage we're dealing with range from everything from Diabetes — to cognitive dementias — to Cancer — to countless forms of uprising chronic disease.

WARNING: If you're on a mission to improve your well-being, but are depending on things like "coconut & fish oils" to save your health and ticker... you're in for a cruel awakening.

Alzheimers, Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer have grown rampant with no signs of slowing down... today collectively affecting two-thirds of Americans alone

Add in common chronic conditions; fatigue, auto-immune disorders, thyroid/adrenal problems, hormonal and metabolic issues and most of the population is already affected in some way.

Yet almost no one is aware their fatigue or "lack of energy", blood pressure, insulin-resistence or chronic inflammation is potentially a direct-cause of this epidemic havoc wreaker...

...That's why I've spent countess hours organizing this document to make you aware of some disturbing insights that require your immediate attention if you want to protect your health (and those you care about) from this day forward... in 2018 and beyond.

My name is Ian Clark.

I'm the Founder of Activation International; a nutraceutical firm based in Ontario Canada, Frankfurt Germany and Cadiz Spain. And we've been researching natural foods to protect against and reverse the damage caused by these insidious offenders, for over a decade.

In these pages, I'm going to explain how these "disease-breeding poisons" have invaded all forms of our food supply... how they are affecting your body and exactly what you can do to start mitigating the damage to protect your health, beginning today.

I'm going to explain why they can produce a wide-array of symptoms by disrupting your body on the cellular level over time... resulting in a wide array of classifiable "unlucky" circumstances — including how these poisons foster prime conditions like as Diabetes, Cancers, Heart Disease and other general chronic and degenerative illnesses.

(...I'll also reveal evidence regarding how popular "omega-3" dietary supplements being recommended to mitigate coronary destruction, actually contain some of these poisons — making things EVEN WORSE! *And why omega-3's won't save you from heart disease!)

Finally, I'm going to expose when these artificial-poisons were developed and how this all came to be... including "The Mafia" if you will, that orchestrated it all.

— Why they now occupy 92% of all packaged foods you eat.
— 99% of restaurants you dine at. (*vegan & "farm-to-table" included)
— Are in supplements designed to support your hearts health.
— How they infiltrated your grocery and health food stores...

And I'm going to tell you what you can do about it. (*Using completely NATURAL resources)

Don't wait until your ticker is struck with tragedy.

Please read this document in it's entirety. We took out every section that wasn't relevant to keep the length as short as possible... If you care about your health and the lives of your loved ones, pay close attention to what I'm about to tell you. What you're about to learn is very shocking and upsetting. But it likely may SAVE YOUR LIFE.

Over the next few minutes, I'm going to show you why you've been affected... to some degree or another. And what you can do (starting today) to begin remedying the insidious damage being caused to your body.

Most people will live their whole lives never knowing their various forms of compromised health have been enabled as result of the manufacturing practices I'm about to outline...

The full-scope of these artificial-poisons and how the "whole shebang" happened.

Most of all, how they've been flying "under the radar" for decades as  —

The Trojan Horse that's invaded our FOOD supply:

The answer requires flipping back the calendar a bit...

Because it began over one hundred years ago with a great chain of events that would change the world forever.

The year was 1902, and Heart Disease was almost taboo at a mere 8%. Cancer, Diabetes and most "chronic diseases" weren't even discovered or on the social radar yet...

But that was all about to change, starting with a German man named Wilhelm Normann.

Normann had discovered how to convert liquid fat into a semi-solid fat using hydrogenation, which represented the ability to extend shelf life of any fat-based food products.

Natural fats would be converted into trans-fats. And by extending shelf-life, his "fat-hardening" process meant more money for fat and food manufacturers... which meant a ton of cash potential for him! He filed a patent that year.

And he was right: The rights to his "fat-process" were acquired in 1907 by a British party and eventually found their way to Proctor & Gamble... who a few years later, created vegetable shortening, by hydrogenating cottonseed oil.

They called it Crisco — the first manufactured food product to contain trans-fat.

P&G released it in 1911, touting it as a cheaper, longer-lasting butter replacement... and even distributed free cookbooks (featuring Crisco recipes) to incentivize consumer adoption.

And it was a MASSIVE success; selling several hundred-million pounds almost overnight!

Then something interesting happened...

In 1912, Dr. James Herrick discovered a form of heart disease he coined "hardening of the arteries", while a new membership group quickly formed to tackle the new mess...

But rather than neutralzing the uprise, they supported the very propaganda that was contributing to "the new Heart Disease" through a front they manufactured for public confidence.

They'd become officially known as "The American Heart Association."

Coincidentally, on May 23 1913, "The American Cancer Society" had also formed.

Then that same year —

Typhoid Epidemic Strikes New York City!

The New York Times was ranting the large typhoid epidemic was due to contaminated milk.

And it didn't take long for fear to set in... By 1920, pasteurization of milk had taken over in America's largest cities... exceeding half of all milk distributed.

Meanwhile, "The American Bottlers of Carbonated Beverages" has also been formed — causing sugar consumption to explode to over 100 pounds per capita! Hallelulah... now everyone was washing down their Crisco with inflammation-fueling soft drinks!

Shortly thereafter... Canadian physician Frederick Banting and Charles Best are now credited for discovering "Insulin". Go figure.

Milk made yet another leap in 1929... Malcolm Trout, a dairy industry pioneer out of Michigan State University, developed "homogenized-milk" — while also releasing his book Homogenized Milk, which not only sold the many benefits of his "H-Milk" creation, but also spread the idea that for it to taste good — it must be pasteurized first!

Many saw this as convenient propaganda. But again, it meant more convenient commerical usage for big business, who now had a lot going their way...

After all, small rural and raw dairy farmers were now getting even more CRUSHED by —


By the 1930's in NYC, milk prices had fallen so low that the milk distributors were paying farmers LESS for their milk than it even cost them to produce it! 

Well as you'd guess... desperation GREW. Small dairy farmers organized the Dairy Farmers Union and went on strike by 1939. (Commercial dairy would soon have their opening!)

With Butter and Milk currently scarce, "margarine and sugar-water" could further infiltrate...

The mass reductions in dairy caused butter shortages and margarine began outselling butter — reaching 2.6 pounds per capita! (And although original margarine was made with lard, the "new margarine" was all being made with hydrogenated vegetable oils.)

And with mass vending machine expansion, people were ditching milk and water for soda pop!

Ironically... As Crisco, margarine and soda consumption all rise — a blood test for cholesterol is developed and "Type II Diabetes" is discovered by Harold Himsworth, who figured out most patients with diabetes had "insulin resistance" rather than insulin deficiency.

The new metabolic syndrome was a result of impaired beta-cell function, appearing to carry relationship with; obesity, hyper-triglyceridemia, low cholesterol and hypertension...

(Ironic, considering "high-cholesterol" demonization was already in the works!)

President Franklin D Roosevelt;
Diagnosed with Hypertension

In May 1941 President FDR, a polio-surviver and also "early low-fat-diet" adopter, was reported to have severe anemia; with a hemoglobin level of 4.5g/100ml and dropping, no thanks to his bleeding hemorrhoids...

Then in January, early 1944, FDR began complaining of headaches and was reported to be abnormally tired, even in the late-morning... occasionally nodding off during conversations and once even BLACKING-OUT half-way through signing his name to a letter.

FDR was referred to Dr. Howard Bruenn, a cardiologist at Bethesda Naval Hospital, who discovered the President breathless and weak; with an enlarged left ventricle and blood pressure of 186/108...

Bruenn diagnosed FDR with congestive heart failure and a metastatic tumor, putting the President on digitalis and "a low-fat diet" — His blood pressure rising to an astounding 210/110.

Well not long after... FDR was spending time with his Son Jimmy in the summer of 44, when he experienced a severe abdominal pain, crying out —

"Jimmy, I don't know if I can make it,
I have a horrible pain..."

Yet the president reportedly insisted Jimmy not notify authorities, as he didn't want to risk creating panic that could jeopardize his chances for re-election... an election he'd win.

Unfortunately though, he'd never fulfill that 4th Presidential-term.

On Bruenn's low fat diet: FDR had gone from his normal weight of 188 lbs (June of 1944) to a sickly 165 pounds in just weeks... An indicative and speculated sign of a condition called cardiac cachexia, that was then neglected.

Then, it happened.

Less than 6-months after being elected to his final-term, America was STUNNED.

April 12 1945; FDR Drops Dead !

His death was totally unexpected, especially since FDR's personal physician; Dr Ross McIntire who was also surgeon-general of the U.S. Navy, had just proclaimed FDR's health as excellent!

...After all, FDR had adopted a "low-fat diet" and was feeling great!

Meanwhile, "The American Diabetes Association" had formed by the late 40's and vegetable fat consumption had now reached 28 pounds per capita. Causing trans-fat intake to further rise as saturated-fat intake continued to decline...

Pasteurized milk also had become mandatory, as tainted milk caused by inexperienced creamery workers resulted in deaths of a number of people, which the government blamed raw milk — once again.

Commerical dairy had taken over... and pasteurized milk became the most allergenic food in America. The CDC fails to report more deaths statistically come from pasteurized vs raw milk.

And by 1950, changes in legislation had caused almost all food manufacturers to completely switch to vegetable fats and oils.

Then as the American Heart Association raises a big multi-million dollar round — nearly $2 million alone coming from vegetable-fat titan: Proctor & Gamble


[*DID YOU KNOW: The American Heart Association is a qualified tax-exempt organization?]

...In just a few short decades, Heart Disease had TRIPLED!

But it wasn't just a "heart" thing... US Cancer rates had also TRIPLED.

And "the powers that be" were just getting started.

In Germany in 1952, a woman named Johanna Budwig brought forth research showing the disastrous effects that commercially processed fats and oils had in destroying cell membranes of the cells in our bodies, resulting in chronic and terminal diseases.

And Budwig was no slouch... with a highly respected scientific background as a "7-time Nobel-Prize" nominee, and being Germany's Central Government's Senior Expert on Fats and Pharmaceuticals... she was one of the world's formost authorities on the discussion.

Naturally, given her authority and experience, you'd assume her work received exposure?

Nope. Actually the opposite happened...

She was forcibly discredited and ostracized.

"...I have the answer to cancer, but American doctors won't listen. They come here and observe my methods and are impressed. Then they want to make a special deal so they can take it home and make a lot of money. I won't do it, so I'm blackballed in every country..."

—Dr. Johanna Budwig

Well, while Budwig was fighting to defend her research... a professor at the University of Minnesota named Ancel Keys attended a conference in Rome on nutrition and disease.

Keys discovered heart disease to be rare in some Mediterranean populations who consumed lower fat diets. And the Japanese (who also had low fat diets and low rates of heart disease) triggered him to hypothesize that fat was the cause of heart disease.

As a hungry political opportunist, Keys then published his Six Country Analysis; suggesting the association between dietary fat and heart disease.

...Of course, it was discovered that his "study" contained data for 22 countries, yet only "6-countries" were included in the data. Countries like France, with high fat diets and low rates of heart disease, were excluded...

Keys' data was FALSIFIED!

...Yet his over-riding influence was glaringly REAL — landing him a position on the nutrition committee of the American Heart Association!

And together, they (and the media) were about to have quite a field day.

"The $14-Billion Heart Attack of an American President"

In 1955 (*Another President); President Eisenhower suffered a HEART ATTACK!

And 24 hours later...Wall Street went into a tailspin — the Dow Jones bombing over $14 billion in the single worst ever stock market day since the advent of World War II.

Not only did the media garner the public's attention with the bad news of the President, but the financial market also commanded any remaining "side-liners" to pay close attention...

The timing was the opportunity of a lifetime and Keys' and his cronies knew it.

They put the President on the "low fat, low cholesterol (Keys') diet"... and leveraged the media to broadcast daily updates — using Eisenhower as a guinea pig — to establish gospel persuasion conditioning Americans of guilt they should feel from their dietary sin!

*The kicker was: "The Keys Low-Fat Diet" didn't avoid fat at all!

The claim was animal and/or saturated fats, as found in milk, meat and coconut products had negative effects, while unsaturated fats (like in commercial vegetable oils) had health benefits!

Vegetable fat didn't count as bad-FAT, and the commercial vegetable oil industry loved it!

All the Big-Food cereal, bread and grain manufacturers loved it too... by attempting to cut out all saturated-fats, Americans were left to make up calories with Sugar and Carbohydrates!

So everyone... I mean EVERYONE jumped into Keys' corner... and why wouldn't they?

...All the complicit politicians stood to gain extremely-lucrative kickbacks and make out like bandits. Big Pharma and even single companies like Proctor & Gamble stood to take Americans for INFINITE BILLIONS!!

Keys even earned the economic and political support of the US Government!

While poor President Eisenhower would be the sacrificial-lamb used to pull off —


It was the perfect opportunity (to leverage the media) to promote compliance through FEAR...

...After all, if the leader of the free world was at risk, then anyone could have a heart attack or DROP DEAD at any given moment!

Over the next six weeks... daily press conferences were held on the president's condition, as Eisenhower was (publicly) ordered to eat a grain breakfast while only allowed 1 egg per week!

...And surely if the "world's most valuable man" (the President of the United States) was prescribed "a low-fat diet", then must be legitimate RIGHT??

..That's powerful persuasion!
And it was WORKING !

*As an example: "Margarine sales kicked up past Butter" for the first time in history!

...Even President Eisenhower was duped by the propoganda!

...His cholesterol during his attack was 165 ml/dl, yet climbed to 259 the day he left office from the new Keys "low-fat diet" gospel his insiders were spoon-feeding him!

He suffered several more heart attacks and eventually died of heart disease.

The great American President who'd been termed "The Man that beat Hitler", had been washed out by his own native allies...

America was now being swindled, BRILLIANTLY.

"...The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie—deliberate, contrived and dishonest—but the myth—persistent, persuasive and unrealistic. Too often we hold fast to the cliches of our forebears. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought..."

—JFK, Yale University (1962)

*Ironically, during President Eisenhower's famous televised farewell address, he warned of "insider-greed" like dangers of corporate monopolies and the industial military complex...

Deceitful entities that manipulate government to increase their own power and influence!

...Eisenhower knew the "military industrial complex" could manufacture crises, sway Americans into emotional spending... then capitalize on increased war profits.

...Well Big Pharma was doing the same! Manufacturing or capitalizing on health crises events (like poor sap and beloved President; Eisenhower) — while using the media to broadcast their well-positioned remedy — that their FDA pals issued "approvals" Americans confided in!

*Hence; Americans were made to believe saturated-fat and cholesterol would clog their arteries and give them heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and any other health curse in the world!

— To protect themselves against the horrifying-wrath, they must cut out as much saturated-fat as possible and replace it with "heart-healthy" vegetable fats!!

Americans... and even their own President fell for it!

And plenty of more gasoline would be thrown on the fire...


...During the Eisenhower commotion, a Professor of Molecular & Cellular Biology at University of Berkeley — John Gofman, reported that the majority of people with heart disease had elevated triglycerides and lower-end HDL, not high cholesterol.

His work thoroughly showed that it was carbohydrates that elevated VLDL; the lipoprotein that transports triglycerides made in the liver from carbohydrates.

Meaning; excess carbs resulted in elevated triglycerides — which increased risk of heart disease, by what Gofman called "carbohydrate induced lipemia."

i.e: More carbs, meant = MORE HEART DISEASE!

...So what did the influencers behind the American Heart Association do?

They opted for MORE CARBS! And they wasted no time:

In 1956, the AHA conducted a nationwide fundraiser on prime television networks; declaring butter, eggs and beef threats related to coronary disease...

All Americans were urged to reduce their intake of animal fat and cholesterol, and replace them with "heart-healthy" margarine, corn oil, breakfast cereal, grains and skim milk!

The same diet killing President Eisenhower!!

...Did It Work?

The "Eisenhower Guinea-Pig Scam" pushed Heart Disease over the top, as the #1 KILLER of Americans... and soon established Big Pharma as America's #1 most profitable industry.

So yes, it WORKED!

Margarine, shortening and vegetable cooking oils were packed with the same culprit Johanna Budwig discovered to cause the most mass destruction and disease!

But the fix was in:

By the late 50's, they even had Eleanore Roosevelt (** FDR's widowed-Wife**) promoting margarine on television commercials...

*NYC: Eleanor Roosevelt promoting margarine she eats on her toast.

NOTE: The margarine leveraged for broadcasting is called 🍀 GOOD LUCK... blatant timing and marketing appropriateness to capitalize on the feared BAD-LUCK circulating from mass hysteria of Heart Attacks in the media, kicked off by the highly publicized Eisenhower tragedy!

The commercial was executed by legendary Madison Avenue AD-man David Ogilvy.... who corporate titans have revered as "the greatest advertising expert" of all time.

...Yet even with the President's Wife in the commercial, Ogilvy was ashamed of the work, commenting on it some time afterward; "It's not one of my proudest moments..."

As for Mrs Roosevelt, you'd think she'd of taken note of her late husband's "low-fat" aspirations.

But things would only get worse.

In January of 1961, a decreped Eisenhower exits office and unthinkable happens:

...Ansel Keys makes the cover of Time Magazine and the American Heart Association raises another $35 million dollars while (officially) adopting Keys' low-fat diet scam!

Eisenhower was OUT and Keys was now on TOP OF THE WORLD!

...Not only had he earned a seat on the committee of the American Heart Association, but he'd also become a chairman of the International Society of Cardiology... a consultant to the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organizations... and member of countless medical and science conglomerates!

Keys' even got a BOOK DEAL: launching him onto the New York Times Bestsellers list!

America was his oyster... and thanks to the mainstream media, everyone quickly forgot about Eisenhower and fully-embraced Keys' low-fat diet scheme!

As the madness continued, Diabetes predictably rises and blood tests for insulin open shop!

It was also a good time for reinforcements to protect their reign...

In 1966, Northwestern University professor Jeremiah Stamler, who is now both an AHA board member and devout Ancel Keys' supporter — hops on the bandwagon, further promoting vegetable fats in his book; Your Heart Has Nine Lives!

And to no surprise, the book is funded by makers; Fleissmann's Margarine & Mazola Corn Oil!


Now things were getting ugly.

By the 1970s Americans were now eating TEN POUNDS of margarine PER PERSON per year!

...Yet the American Heart Association's "anti-fat guidelines" would now extend to children and pregnant women! The federal government's WIC program; which provides food assistance to women with infants, decided children over age 2 were only allowed non-fat/skim-milk — with all the sugar juice, cereal and carbs they could swallow!

Yet that same year, more reports surfaced confirming elevated triglycerides were more common in heart disease patients than cholesterolaffirming the majority of people with heart disease had what John Gofman had previously coined "Carbohydrate Induced Lipemia!"

But authorities steering the ship had their agenda and it appears they weren't going to let little things like scientific-proof or logic get in their way...

Americans were continually made to feel guilty and self conscious via the demonization of saturated fat. After all, it was the framed cause for nearly every ill-fated health threat sure to steal away everyones golden years!

And it was an EASY concept after all to sell... "When 'fat-hardens' like butter, it'd do the same thing in your arteries!"

So everything seemed to be going as planned, until a man named Robert appeared out of nowhere, determined to shake some trees.

1972; Dr. Robert Atkins publishes " Diet Revolution "

The new book highlighted the "high-fat" diet Robert had been prescribing to his own patients for weight loss...

And after Atkins sold a million copies in just months, the American Medical Association began attacking him, branding him — "a DANGEROUS FRAUD!"

The irony?

...Atkins defended himself before a congressional committee; explaining he first discovered his claimed high fat diet benefits in an article authored by Dr. Alfred Pennington INSIDE the American Medical Association's own journal!

...No one had ever made them look so STUPID!

Embarrassed by the fat guru, the powers that be DUG-DEEP...

In 1974, Monsanto's brainchild "Roundup" (Glyphosate) EXPLODES onto the market with no shortage of controversy... that has only gained massive prevalence to this very day.

Then in 1976, the FDA gave GRAS status to a new bohemith: hydrogenated soybean oil!

...Even though PhD and lipid Biochemist Mary Enig warned the government, the fats studied in soybean oil were extremely dangerous and increased the risk of diabetes by interfering with receptors in cell membranes.

Well as you might guess...

She was IGNORED!

It soon became the most used vegetable oil in the entire food industry!

Then that same year... a South Dakota Senator named George McGovern, who believed fat was responsible for obesity and terminal threats like heart disease and cancer, had formed a special legislative Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs, intending to conduct hearings on diet and disease.

BIZARRINGLY: McGoverns staff (also pre-indoctrinated into Keys' anti-fat agenda) had NO scientific training! ...Which obvoiusly made their collective obedience easier to pull off!

...So to no surprise, Senator McGovern's Committee of "cult-deciples" predictably issues the new US Dietary Guidelines — and for the first time, the U.S. federal government was directly telling the American people to eat less fat!

Heck, they even assigned a prime "Keys admirer" named Nick Mottern, to write the first low-fat guidelines — releasing the official version in 1977, the cover displaying boldly:  


Even the American Medical Association and scientists in federal government agencies were astonished McGovern and his "non-scientist staff" had pulled it off...

The US Government was now fully enforcing McGovern's "non-scientific" findings!

—Continuing the eat less-fat and more-carbohydrates gospel!

And no one had even questioned McGovern's own low-fat indoctrination.

...Just a year prior, "fat-bellied" McGovern had attended a new low-fat Longevity Center, advocating strenuous exercise and a "low-fat" diet. Along with the existing Keys prevalent confirmation-bias, McGovern had become an official believer.

But the media (or McGovern) weren't interested in all the facts...

The Founder of the Center; Nathan Pritikin, had also actually advocated "the elimination of sugar, white flour and processed foods" from the common diet — which of course conflicted with the mass-agenda!

So the media simply excluded any information that didn't fit the Keys defined low-fat agenda, and so did McGovern and his committee... Including how the founder of the Longevity Center —

Nathan committed SUICIDE!

True story...

Pritikin killed himself after low-fat dieting failed to save him from leukemia!

But none of it mattered.

The Keys "Disease-Diet" was winning... and Ansel Key's totally unproven hypothesis had become the official cornerstone of America's nutrition policies and education!

And the situation to any naysayers had also become pretty clear...

Most Doctors and Scientists had learned by then (if they valued their careers) not to challenge, what one respected insider had even nicknamed:

"The Heart Mafia!"

His name was Doctor George V. Mann — a Cornell College graduate and Professor of Biochemistry at John Hopkins, who was not only also a Harvard Teacher and Physician of Vanderbilt University, but he spent eight years conducting research for...

Drumroll........ The American Heart Association!

Dr Mann claimed in his calculated research, that "they" were blatantly deceiving Americans; stating — "When we find the real cause and prevention of the cholesterol problem, it will seem to many that there was an unwholesome conspiracy..."

His research even referenced prime examples of undeniable logic, such as — The Masai tribe of South Africa. Their primary diet almost entirely consisted of beef, milk and blood – which were all clearly high in cholesterol!

And yet on that token... their cholesterol revealed much lower than Americans conned into "low cholesterol dieting!"

Another referenced group: the Inuit Eskimos also lived largely on meat and fat... and also had extremely low rates of heart disease!

His politically forbidden stance provoked him to publish:

"The Cholesterol Myth"
Saturated fat and cholesterol in the diet are not the cause of coronary
heart disease. That myth is the greatest scientific deception of the century,
and perhaps any century.

— George V. Mann, M.D.
Professor of Biochemistry and Medicine

In the New England Journal of Medicine 1977; George Mann even described "The Mafia's" promoted hypothesis as:

"The Greatest Scam in the History of Medicine!"

But again, it didn't seem to matter much... Bad fats were still prevailing by leaps and bounds, and new deceptive conquests were about to add more fuel to the fire.

While chronic disease continued to rise, a new explosion in Dementia gave birth to the "Alzheimers Association" in 1980.

Meanwhile, High-fructose corn syrup entered the sweetener market — even though it was concurrently discovered that HFCS creates metabolic disfunction in the liver; resulting in both greater insulin production AND insulin resistance — at the same time!

But once again, who cares about science!

The Corn Growers Association even spent $30 million on TV ad campaigns "targeting mothers" to reassure them "high-fructose corn syrup" was OKAY for young children!!

And by 1984, 50 percent of the sweetener consumed by Americans was HFCS and Obesity rates in the US nearly DOUBLED in all 50 states!

Unfortunately for Americans (and now folks around the globe), logic contained in reality would continue to be overshadowed by ignorance and greed...

Bypassing data again, the FDA shortly-thereafter released a statement saying — "there is no conclusive evidence that sugar causes chronic disease" — yet the government hadn't funded a SINGLE-STUDY to back the fraudulent position!

*The National Institutes of Health MRFIT even produced a study that showed participants eating the low-fat, high carbohydrate, vegetable fat diet actually resulted in MORE deaths!

The study, hoped to prove the US recommended diet was safe or effective, instead revealed—

The prescribed American diet was KILLING PEOPLE!

Sound crazy?

Wait till you hear what The Mafia did with this information.

Doubling-down and refining their marketing angle...

They officially launced —

"The War on Cholesterol"

In 1984, TIME magazine kicked off their newest distruption ploy...

*Pay special attention to this excerpt:

THE SET-UP: "Saturated fat tends to raise LDL levels. Butter, bacon, beef, whole milk, virtually any food of animal origin is high in saturated fat; so are vegetable oils coconut and palm."

THE SAVIOUR: "Polyunsaturated fats, which are typically of vegetable origin, have the opposite effect; thus corn, safflower, soybean and sesame oils tend to lower the level of potentially dangerous LDL. Fish oils do the same. In the middle are the mono-unsaturated fats such as olive and peanut oils. These may lower LDL slightly, but tend to be neutral..."

Agenda much?

Then following... in 1986; The National Institutes of Health (**Who's study just FAILED, resulting in INCREASED DEATHS) and the American Heart Association established and formely announced the new "National Cholesterol Education Program"...

*New guidelines stating: blood cholesterol over 200 mg/dl is to be treated as a DISEASE.

*And the first cholesterol-lowering statin drug; Mevacor is approved — like MAGIC!

(...With Lipitor, Vytorin, Zocor, Crestor, Pravachol and others to follow — offering an entire laundry list of unfortunate side-effects including; Fatigue... LIVER-PROBLEMS, digestive-disturbances, difficulting sleeping, rash and skin-flushing, weakness, confusion, dizziness, drownsiness, depression, anxiety, headaches, shortness of breath, Type-II Diabetes, or even muscle damage called rhabdomyolysis — that can lead to KIDNEY FAILURE and DEATH!)

But hey; creating a brand-new $50-BILLION industry out of "thin-air" isn't too shabby!

Then the President of the American Heart Association (Anthony Gotto) publicly announces:

"...If everyone went ahead with cholesterol-lowering,
we will conquer atherosclerosis by the year 2000!"

...So as you would imagine every corporate interest eagerly joins "The War on Cholesterol!"

Not just the MRFIT and AHA, but manufacturing conglomerates as well... from margarine makers, to cereal producers... to vegetable oil titans... even the dairy and animal industry participate for their piece of the pie!

There was just one problem:

The DATA was a disaster!

    ✓     Contrary to Anthony Grotto's statement via the AHA in 1985; by the year 2000, millions of people were taking cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, yet the incidence of heart disease had NOT gone down!

    ✓     Congestive heart failure had more than DOUBLED since the release of Statins! NOTE: Statin drugs not only reduce actual cholesterol (rather than triglycerides) but they also reduce Coenzyme CoQ10 — which powers your heart muscles! Guess who owns the patent on combining CoQ10 with statins? Yep, Merck! ...yet they've refrained implementation of use ever since!!

    ✓     The same year the U.S. declared "War on Cholesterol," Japanese physicians issued warnings that low blood cholesterol levels are strongly associated with strokesthe #1 cause of death in Japan! (*Unlike the US, Japan's dietary fat had INCREASED after WWII (rather than decreased) and the rate of deadly stroke there had DECLINED, where as in the US it had SKYROCKETED!!

    ✓     The extensive 1987 Framingham Heart Study showed: those whose cholesterol levels declined over the first 14 years were more likely to die prematurely of heart disease and cancer than those whose cholesterol was NOT LOW!

    ✓     Center of Disease Control reported (1987) new Alzheimers deaths of 11,311 people — an astounding 950% increase in less than a decade!

The Mafia had a FAT-PICKLE!

Countless government agencies and major universities were in collusion with the American Heart Association in promoting industrial polyunsaturated oils as "heart-healthy alternatives".

...But it was becoming increasingly clear to the public that industrial-produced polyunsaturated oils like corn oil and soybean oil were causing all kinds of health problems — including terminal cancer!

And older citizens especially were getting very concerned about losing their minds to Dementia!

The Mafia had to figure out how to decrease VISIBLE use of "industrially-processed polyunsaturated oils" that were now getting a bad wrap... and figure out fast what to introduce to shift public focus.

...They certainly couldn't go back to using saturated-fats (butter, lard, palm, coconut oil) – without killing all their credibility. Plus, those fats were too expensive to support profit margins for thier involved big-food conglomerate financial supporters!

The Mafia would need something BIG and transformative.

Something with a new "twist".


They couldn't market polyunsaturated or saturated-fats... and "trans-fats" were certainly nothing to bring attention to...

Their only obvious option? Start marketing the use of monounsaturated-fats, like in olive oil.

It even fit Ancel Keys Mediterranean-Diet frame beautifully; Mediterranean folk used olive oil!

The problem: There wasn't enough olive oil in the world to meet needs, and like saturated-options, it was too expensive to use in processed foods!

Solution? The Mafia needed to CREATE a less expensive monounsaturated oil!

...They found they could genetically-manipulate "Rapeseed" oil to reduce saturated-fats, while increasing mono-fats to over 50% — which was only 10% less than Olive Oil!

Even though a 1998 report; showing mice fed a diet heavy in monounsaturated fats were more likely to develop atherosclerosis versus mice fed a diet heavy in saturated fat.

Regardless, they had their product... now they just needed a way to market it!

But Let's face it: Telling Americans to consume "a healthier oil called RAPESEED!" — wasn't going to fly...There was no way it could be successfully-promoted with it's native-name!

Solution #2?

The Great "Con"-ola

Since most of the Rapeseed was grown in Canada, they decided to brand it " Canola" oil!

And Canola was about to become a household name.

GRAS status was granted in 1985, which the Canadian government spent $50 million to supposedly obtain, so "Canola" could be legally-marketed in the United States...

It was cheap. Different. And had the new nutrition-profile they could market effectively.

And BINGO: The Mafia had their new horse!

Now they just needed a way to introduce it... both wide and FAST.

...How 'bout Movie Theater Popcorn?!

It was perfect...

Movies were great common social or dinner talk — Canola could spread like WILDFIRE!

So in in the early 90's... the CSPI (The Center for Science in the Public Interest) — launched a viral-FEAR campaign among popcorn lovers by revealing movie theater popcorn cooked in coconut oil was super high in saturated fat, and of course — "saturated fat raises blood cholesterol and risk for heart disease!"

...Their report claimed "a common tub of movie popcorn" popped with coconut oil, contained more saturated fat than 6 Big Macs from McDonaldsspringing the American public into a MASSIVE-PANIC!

...Even Theater owners FREAKED! Half their revenue came from food concession sales!

So after the CSPI report hit mainstream, one of the largest US movie chains, AMC — announced it's switch to Canola Oil; stating a common bucket of popcorn now only contained the saturated fat of just 1-Big Mac!

Not only that... but Canola Oil was high in Omega-3: said to help your Heart and BRAIN!

The public swallowed it WHOLE!
...Hook, line and sinker!

Canola Oil became widely recognized as "the healthiest salad and cooking oil available to consumers"...

Scientists everywhere were even endorsing Canola as the new "heart-healthy oil!"

The profile was marketing dream... it was low in saturated fat, high in mono-fats and a good source of omega-3's, which American's were already hearing they were deficient in... not to mention Alzheimers had knowingly exploded in America and Omega-3 was "good for the brain!"

Or so the public was told and sold.

True or not, people now wanted Omega-3!

But there was one little problem
The Mafia forgot to mention...

Most of the omega-3s in canola oil were transformed into harmful trans-fats during the deodorization process!

...They found Canola Oil hydrogenates even better than corn oil or soybean oil, because of the present omega-3's! And higher levels of trans-fats mean longer shelf life for foods!

They also meant something else: increased chronic disease for consumers!

The Weston Price Foundation and fat experts Sally Fallon and Mary Enig state:

"Like all modern vegetable oils, canola oil goes through the process of refining, bleaching and degumming — all of which involve high temperatures or chemicals of questionable safety. And because canola oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which easily become rancid and foul-smelling when subjected to oxygen and high temperatures, it must be deodorized. The deodorization standard process removes a large portion of the omega-3 fatty acids by turning them into trans fatty acids. Although the Canadian government lists the trans content of canola at a minimal 0.2 percent, research at the University of Florida at Gainesville, found trans levels as high as 4.6 percent in commercial liquid oil. The consumer has no clue about the presence of trans fatty acids in canola oil because they are not listed on the label..."

But that's not even the half of it...

Researchers at the Canadian Institute for Food Science and Technology had also found high levels of omega-3 fatty acids actually correlated with high levels of heart lesions, while the saturated fats removed from Canola were protective against the heart lesions!

Canola also became the first seed oil to be created through genetic modification. Meaning genetic material from other species were inserted into the seeds to alter certain traits. In this case, an herbicide-resistant GMO form permeating over 90% of the entire Canola industry!

So what do we know?

Americans were now consuming a potentially dangerous, potentially poisonous, potentially fat toxic substance — that was not only genetically-modified out of it's original (albeit already toxic) form, but it was also being DOUSED with pesticides— which were concentrated in the Oil!

Inside of "The Great Con-ola" by PHD Mary G. Enig, it's suggested — 

"Canola oil is a poisonous substance,
an industrial oil that does not belong in the body..."

Naysayers of Canola have even gone as far as saying... "It contains the infamous chemical warfare agent mustard gas," hemagglutinins and toxic cyanide-containing glycocides; and has played part in the cause of mad cow disease, blindness, nervous disorders, clumping of blood cells and depression of the immune system."

Some of that may be a bit stretched, but nevertheless, it was abundantly clear nothing that represented friction earned any valid attention from The Mafia...

The poison that was Canola oil, perpetuated as a health dream come true — had now become a prime standard in industrial oil and packaged food usage — even appearing in popular health and cookbooks, leveraging any "Keys Mediterranean Diet" theming that called for olive or canola oil in the recipes.

Major publishers were even rejecting cookbooks that didn't include canola in their recipes!

After all, Americans believed they were deficient in omega-3 fatty acids that were beneficial to the heart and immune system — due to all the factory farming that had led to massive Omega-3 decline due to influx of "unnatural omega-6" animal feed...

Majorly a result of —

"The Great Corn-holio!"

And Canola Oil, aside from high "mono-fats", contained approximately 10 percent omega-3 fatty acids — Another perfectly framed benefit to create more desire in the marketplace.

The US had become the largest exporter of corn worldwide... yet only a mere 7% of production was being used to feed the American people — mostly its GM counterpart!

So where was the rest of it all going?

Well aside from being utilized to produce high-fructose corn syrup for human sugar consumption... It was being (unnaturally) used to feed animal stock of cows, chicken, pigs, etc — accounting for over HALF-A-MILLION animal feeding operations in the US alone.

A bizarre feeding frenzy that naturally led to pork, beef, milk, chicken and eggs being extremely devoid of omega-3 from a diet of corn and other grain imposters the animals don't normally eat... not to mention all the corn was being riddled with Glyphosate.

Over the past 50+ years... the ratio of omega 6-to-3 shifted from about 2.5;1 to a near 20;1 ratio! So naturally the public was becoming more and more aware of the significant omega-3 reduction in their diets.

This created the perfect "lay-up" for The Mafia: It was incredibly easy to justify to consumers, because there was plenty of confirmation-bias already out there to believe!

After all, brain health was on everyones minds and omega-3 was said to be good for your brain! With the 10x explosion in Alzheimers in just the last decade... selling it was childs play!

And if dementia wasn't on anyone's mind YET, it would be —

Nov. 5, 1994; President Reagan addresses Nation :
"My Fellow Americans, I have recently been told that I am one of the millions of Americans who will be afflicted with Alzheimer's Disease"

President Reagan had been caught in the Alzheimers explosion.

(He and his wife Nancy had also both had previous fall-ins with Cancer...)

And now with the President having Dementia... American's were "losing their minds, over losing their minds!"

And they had reason to... Alzheimers death rates had EXPLODED NEARLY 2,000% (*pubmed) just since the recent 1980 formation of the American Alzheimers Association!

The resulting public FEAR of course — increasing demand for CANOLA OIL!

Everyone wanted the omega-3 brain-healthy salvation to save their head marbles!!

...Little did everyone know, hydrogenated-versions of these oils had been discovered to be fused with ALUMINUM; a prime Alzheimers suspected culprit, along with Glyphosate.

"Aluminium in brain tissue in familial Alzheimer's disease; recorded some of the highest brain-aluminum levels ever measured, and suggested that the metal could be a factor in amyloid-beta aggregation."  —Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology.

But then out of nowhere, there was...

New trouble on the horizon for The Mafia!

Reports leaked that hydrogenated Canola Oil clogged arteries faster than butter!

...Then endless reports on Canola controversy continued surfacing on the internet, ranging from "Mad Cow to Mustard Gas" — convincing folks it would cause any of their feared ailments!

Plus, trans-fats all-together were getting an increasingly bad name among Americans... while some countries were even proposing to ban them.

So in 2005, the American Dietary Guidelines (softly) cautioned Americans to "limit trans-fats" by cleverly COMBINING them with Saturated Fats in a new category called "Bad Fats!

And although that mitigated damage from "awareness of vegetable oils", they'd also need to create a new healthy savior to re-direct Americans focus, once again.

They also still had an advantage in their corner: Americans were still SOLD on "omega-3!"

...Citizens believed if they didn't consume enough "omega-3's", they'd develop chronic disease from "inflammation" or worse — drop dead from heart attack or stroke!

So the pickle was already naturally-created for the consumer...

Where (besides Canola) would they get enough omega-3?

I mean sure...100 years ago omega-3s were simple to obtain, with naturally pasture-fed animals and non-industrialized diets. But in the new modern day, they'd become increasingly difficult to obtain the recommended amounts of...

So what to do??


The new and trendy Omega-3 skew, would be used to push —


Appearing in the new AHA guidelines, appeared the recommendation to consume fish twice per week. The reason? Certain types of fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which were claimed to help prevent heart disease!

Then in 2007, the American Heart Association recommended the consumption of 1-gram of fish OIL daily. (Which is NOT the same thing as "eating fish"...)

...Even though the US National Institutes of Health had announced safety concerns of high-dose Omega 3's, stating: "Intake of 3 grams per day or greater of omega-3 supplementation may increase risk of bleeding and stroke!"

What did the American Heart Association do? They began recommending 3 grams daily!

Then in 2012, a meta-analysis published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, covering 20 studies and 68,680 patients — found that Omega-3 Fatty Acid supplementation did NOT reduce the chance of cardiac death, heart attack or stroke!
You can't make this stuff up!

...Yet that SAME YEAR, Omega-3-fatty acids & Fish Oils had become the most used non-vitamin supplement for both Adults and Children! ...And Medicare, who doesn't cover standard "over-the-counter" supplements, made a new exception: prescription omega-3 Fish Oil!

Meanwhile, citizens domestically and abroad not only fully-subscribed to the "Great Fish Oil Deception", but they'd also totally lost sight of the epidemic and still growing infiltration of industrial vegetable oils... along with all their hydrogenated counterparts!

The public had finally just accepted it.

The Mafia had WON.

And they won BIG...

Fish Oil was being consumed by 20-million American adults alone! (*Federal Study)
Soybean oil had 70 percent of the edible fat market for U.S. lard consumption!
Canola oil had infiltrated up to 80% of all packaged foods and restaurants!
Sugar consumption had reached 150 pounds per capita. Mostly high- fructose corn syrup!
Margarine dominated and Butter consumption had dwindled below 4 pounds per capita!
Saturated-fat had been stripped industry-wide from our dairy and foods!

Billions had been spent on trials for lowering LDL cholesterol and "low-fat" education... yet a third of Americans were clinically obese — with no research being conducted on added sugars or processed vegetable oils dangers!

...And there was no shortage of ignored evidence against their proposed fallacies that most people would find ASTOUNDING...

As an example; McGill University School of Medicine Study in 2003 DID find indicators of heart disease to be; insulin resistance, elevated triglycerides and (low levels) of good cholesterol.

Which is certainly ironic.

...Had Industrial Vegetable Oils caused the rise in insulin resistance?
...Was sugar and high-fructose corn syrup pouring GAS ON THE FIRE?
...Were excess carbohydrates in the diet causing elevated triglycerides?
...Were "low-fat, low-cholesterol dieting" causing cholesterol deficiencies?

And did scientific-investigation really matter??

America and the rest of the world,
had been following OPINION — not science!

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans to this day, supports "Keys Low-Fat Scheme" and even conveys 25% of calories in our diet can come from nutrient-void inflammation fueling SUGAR!

...And the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association continue to blame saturated fat for cancer – not sugar, excess carbohydrates or industrialized vegetable oils!

They even had an opportunity to revise their guidelines in 2015, but WHY WOULD THEY? After all... they're cashing in on the ever-escalating rates of chronic disease worth BILLIONS!!

It's INSANE... Tens-of-thousands of medical professionals still continue to be indoctrinated annually for adherence to the long-standing "Mafia" gospel — While the Vegetable Oil and BIG FOOD Industrialists fund their own research designed to support the KEYS lipid hypothesis!

A hypotheses that remains unproven to this very day! More than a BILLION dollars spent, yet no true evidence of its benefits have ever been produced!

In fact, you may be surprised to find out there is no concrete evidence to support their hypothesis that a diet low in cholesterol and saturated fat reduces ANY chronic disease at all!

Yet we were told their claims were based on incontrovertible scientific proof!

Feel free to look for yourself... All you'll find is a deceptively orchestrated arsenal of marketing tools, celebrity endorsements and PR abuses to influence and indoctrinate folks into their —


This accusation came from a man named Gary Taubes, who authored the New York Times Magazine Cover Story "What If It's All Been a BIG FAT LIE?" in 2004—

...A story revealing the science behind "KEYS Low-Fat" scheme had never been proven!

Gary is an American science investigator, health journalist and co-founder of the non-profit Nutrition Science Initiative and has authored the bestselling books; The Case Against Sugar, and Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It and Good Calories, Bad Calories.

He is also the recipient of a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Investigator Award in Health Policy Research and has also won numerous awards for journalism. (*Including the International Health Reporting Award and the National Association of Science Writers Science in Society Journalism Award — an award he was first to win 3 different times.)

The man has a physics degree from Harvard... an engineering degree from Stanford... and a journalism degree from Columbia University. Certainly an equiped individual to expose the deep-rooted deception and LIES we've all been victim to in some way!

In fact, here's a short-list of "BIG FAT LIES" that may shock you...

BIG FAT LIE #1: "Vegetable-Oils & their hydrogenated-fats are safe..."

From cottonseed oil, to corn oil, to canola & soy oil... they're all part of the "hydrogenated manufacturing family".

Lies about their safety have luckily been coming out for years now, but here are just a few "BIGGIES" you may still be quite unaware of:

🔥   DID YOU KNOW: Denmark banned Trans-fats back in 2003, and in just a decade, their Heart Disease rates have plummeted over 70%!? They also have the lowest rates of Cancer, Diabetes and Auto-Immune-Diseases in the world?

🔥   DID YOU KNOW? Alzheimers disease is found to be highly-correlated with "Aluminum Toxicity" in the brain — and that hydrogenated oils found in our foods have been fused with ALUMINUM? The Brain is over 50% FAT... Have the fats in these Vegetable Oils been carrying Aluminum into everyones BRAINS?

— DID YOU KNOW the aluminum found in Alzheimers victims brains, was only found in high-concentrations in the gray "brain leisions" — where the extensive damage is??

🔥   DID YOU KNOW? Some form of hydrogenated oils are still present in most packaged foods?

BIG FAT LIE #2: "Eating Fat makes you FAT..."

We have all been sold on the absurdity of this notion now for an entire century.

DID YOU KNOW: According to Peskin Medical Reseach, there is no biochemical mechanism in the body to directly store dietary fat as excess body fat? ...And the only mechanism in the body used for storing body fat is leveraged when eating sugar or carbohydrates?

—Excess body fat comes from CARBOHYDRATES. Not FAT. Natural dietary fats are burned immediately for energy and whatever is leftover is sent to your organs and cells for structure.

From Principles of Medical Biochemistry: Fatty acids cannot be converted into carbohydrates... and yet carbohydrates CAN be converted into triglycerides — resulting in excess body fat!

—Excess energy from dietary carbohydrates is being converted by your body into triglycerides and stored in your adipose tissue as body fat.

Meaning: You won't store more body fat without carbs! Same with insulin production... fats don't raise insulin levels — consuming carbohydrates does!

Most fat in our bodies is in the form of triglycerides. And elevated triglycerides in the bloodhave been positively linked to heart disease...

And these triglycerides DON'T come from dietary fats; they are made in the liver from any excess sugars that haven't been used for energy — sugars over-abundant in your body from all the foods containing sugars and carbohydrates.

🔥   DID YOU KNOW: In the 14 year point in the Harvard Nurses Study... 3,000 nurses had developed cancer — and according to study leader Walter Willett, the less fat the nurses ate the GREATER their risk of cancer?

🔥   DID YOU KNOW? When eating a high-carbohydrate diet, it takes about 40 days of running an hour a day to burn just ONE pound of body fat! (—Textbook of Medical Physiology)

BIG FAT LIE #3: "You should AVOID Dietary-Cholesterol!"

This is a dangerous notion... Cholesterol is vital for your cells.

If there isn't enough cholesterol in your body, it results in cell damage. It's also vital in your body to make your hormones like testosterone, estrogen, progesterone and cortisone.

Vitamin D is also made from the interaction between cholesterol and sunlight hitting your skin, and low-Vitamin D has shown to be a prime-factor in leading cancers...

DID YOU KNOW? Also according to Peskin Medical Research: At least 60% of people who suffer heart attacks do NOT have elevated cholesterol levels?

Meaning: you are statistically MORE LIKELY to have a heart-attack if you have low-cholesterol!

🔥   DID YOU KNOW? Only 10% of blood cholesterol is derived through your diet, and up to 90% of all blood cholesterol comes from production by the liver, not from cholesterol in foods?

In fact: the more natural and cholesterol-rich foods you eat — the LOWER your serum cholesterol levels! The less cholesterol in your diet, usually the higher your serum cholesterol!

BIG FAT LIE #4: "Omega-3 Fish-Oil & 'Rapeseed' help your Heart and Brain..."

There's been no shortage of controversy surrounding both Canola and Fish Oil... Ever since the AHA promoted Canola as a "heart healthy" alternative-fat and claimed Fish Oil could help prevent Heart Disease and support cognitive function.

70-MILLION METRIC TONS of Canola Oil (RAPESEED) are produced annually worldwide, making it the second most produced oil in the world today... promoted as "safe and healthy" while evidence has long indicated otherwise:

...Higher monounsaturated fat (Canola) consumption has also been linked to increased risk of breast cancer and a 1995 Wall Street Journal article reported that using apeseed oil for cooking was strongly connected to increased rates of lung cancer in the women breathing the fumes.

...And for individuals with Selenium deficiency (a growing commonality especially among Thyroid-challenged), use of rapeseed oil has high relationship with fibrotic lesions of the heart.

Canola is also a known result of high-pesticide use and a completely genetically-modified oil.

Of course Fish-Oil was used to over shadow controversy sparked by Rapeseed... as we were told it was also "omega3-rich, heart healthy and may help prevent stroke and cognitive decline."

But evidence shows otherwise:

DIGESTIVE DISORDERS: Cochrane review (2014) found Fish Oil supplements did not appear to be effective for maintenance or remission of Crohn's disease.

CANCER: Taking potent fish oil supplements was associated with a 43% increased risk of prostate cancer and a 71% increased risk of aggressive prostate cancer — according to a Cancer Research study published 2013 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. (*Blood samples from the men who developed prostate cancer also conclusively showed MORE omega-3 fats than those who remained cancer-free...)

DIABETES: According to the Journal an internal medicine, patients experienced a 19% rise glucose levels within 1 month of supplementing with Fish Oil.

DEMENTIA: A Cochrane meta-analysis published in June 2012, found no significant protective effect for cognitive decline for those aged 60 and over and who started taking fatty acids after this age. And stated: "There is currently no evidence that omega-3 fatty acid supplements provide a benefit for memory or concentration..."

These stats raise obvious questions:

...Is Fish-Oil USELESS for preventing Heart Disease? ...Does Fish-Oil INCREASE Type II Diabetes? ...Does it increase your risk for Stroke? ...Does it increase Cancer?

🔥   DID YOU KNOW? A 2017 analysis of randomized clinical trials found the general population should not use omega-3 fish oil supplements to prevent heart disease, according to a science advisory inside the American Heart Association?

🔥   DID YOU KNOW? A 2012 meta-analysis published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, covering 20 studies and 68,680 patients — found that Omega-3 Fatty Acid supplementation did not reduce the chance of cardiac death, heart attack or stroke?

*Yet according to A National Institutes of Health study in 2015; Fish Oil was now the third most consumed supplement — a multi-BILLION dollar market in the US-of-A alone!

BIG FAT LIE #4 : "Eat a Low-Fat Diet & Avoid Saturated-Fats!"

We've been made to believe for a century now that saturated-fats are the "BAD GUY".

And that's a very dangerous notion... after all, Saturated-fats play a vital role in the structure, function and permeability of our cells. Without them we would cease to exist.

DID YOU KNOW: Children who drink skim milk have diarrhea at 300-500% more often than children who drink whole milk??

What's particularly striking though, aside from nutritional benefits, is the absence of saturated-fats in combination with the "man-made fats" that have overtaken our food supply...

OMEGA 3's: A 1998 study indicated diets without adequate saturated fats trouble the body in converting omega-3 fatty acids into the long-chain versions EPA and DHA the body needs.

Canola Oil: Animal studies carried out over the past twenty years suggest that when rapeseed oil is used without adequate saturated fats, the negative effects are MAGNIFIED.

Vegetable Oils: Proper conversion of omega-6 fats (like in commercial vegetable oil) is reduced by 40-50 percent when diets are inadequate in saturated fats.

2018: What the heck is going on?

What is the result of all this?

Over the last century... hydrogenated & genetically modified industrial oils, refined sugars & high-fructose corn syrup, and fat-stripped multilated dairy products — along with other "man-made" substances have infiltrated our food supply... all in the name of better health.

Today, over 80% of foods at your local grocery store contain partially hydrogenated oils, 37% contain trans fats and nearly all packaged foods contain some form of vegetable fat!

And over the last 100 years they've left quite a wake... with prime chronic-diseases at all time highs: (*According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.)

— Alzheimers has DOUBLED just since the year 2000.
— 48% of all Americans are victimized by heart disease.
— 1 in 2 folks suffer from Diabetes or pre-diabetes.
— And 1 in 2 people will develop Cancer...

Today, approximately 3,000 Americans die from heart disease alone EACH DAY... roughly one-person every 30-seconds! Sadly 40% of them die before they even get to the hospital!

Things had been growing so bad... The Mafia even tried to salvage trust by leveraging PR to mitigate their deceptions, like issuing "retractions" DECADES later on their blatant lies...

We're even being told "heart disease rates are down"... but is that true?

A simple look at the graph below (provided by displays both rates of Cancer and Heart Disease deaths for men and women...

*You can see my GREEN BASELINE marketing — indicating Heart Disease deaths
appear to not be "going down", but rather are being replaced by Cancer deaths!

...Are Heart Disease Deaths "going down" because Cancer is killing folks FIRST?

...According to the American Heart Association, the average age of "the first Heart-attack" is 65 for men and 71 for women... while according to New Cancer Institute, that's OLDER than over 47% of all Cancer cases!

There's certainly been no shortage of LIES... lies being exposed thanks to the Internet.

But it is true... Cancer deaths now even exceeding that of Heart Disease — with over an astonishing 35,000 PEOPLE DIAGNOSED DAILY, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research, published in the Huffington Post.

...Yet just a century ago, top threats like Heart Disease and Cancer, were below the 5-8% threshold and most chronic diseases weren't even on the radar!

We've been made to believe — "we have more chronic disease because people are living longer"... The problem with that argument? Childhood Autism and Cancer!

...According to Cancer Research UK; "The greatest increase in cancer mortality rates since the early 1970s has been in people 0 to 24 years of age"

Plus future CHILDREN are expected to have a 1-in-3 risk of Diabetes by 2025!

Which hopefully we can collectively change... we certainly don't need any more casualty.

In just the last 50 years... Over 40 MILLION people have DIED from just Heart Disease and Cancer (according to CDC) in the United States alone. And there have been approximately 50-MILLION DEATHS from Diabetes globally!

CDC also reports that Alzheimers deaths have DOUBLED in just the last 15 years.

That's MORE lives than :
HIV, Polio, Ebola, The Flu, Malaria, Measles...
Cocaine... Heroin... Cigarretes... Alcohol-Abuse,
Rattlesnake, Spide r, Scorpion Bites and Bee-Stings  

(*Direct-causes estimated by Center of Disease Control)

Those numbers don't even include many common chronic conditions thatover 70% of the population die from — *according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Nor do they account for the largest numbers of all; pending death statistics...

The International Diabetes Federation reports that more than 400 million people were living with diabetes as of 2015, 90% of them Type-II; over half estimated to die from Heart Disease alone approximately 200 million lives and counting, according to World Health Organization.

And just last year... The Washington Post published a report released by National Center for Health Statistics, titled: "U.S. Life Expectancy Declines for the First Time Since 1993"

The report stating;

"...For the first time in more than two decades, life expectancy for Americans declined last year — a troubling development linked to a panoply of worsening health problems in the United States. Rising fatalities from heart disease and stroke, diabetes, drug overdoses, accidents and other conditions caused the lower life expectancy. In all, death rates rose for eight of the top 10 leading causes of death."

It's unsettling to consider: Before the introduction of "white man's food", the incidence of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other various chronic diseases were virtually nonexistent!

...But what specifically made everyone so vulnerable to sickness?
...Why are so many dying and suffering from all these chronic diseases?
...And could it really JUST be fat-deprivation, vegetable oils and hefty doses of carbs/sugar?
...Or is the REAL CULPRIT more insidious?

Here's what we know:

There's a definitive Trojan-H orse present and prevelant in our food supply.

...Not just in packaged foods, but the Restaurants we eat at and all the grocery stores we shop at — including our favorite health food stores.

And it's been swimming in them for years... in many cases, even DECADES.

...But what makes this class offender so dangerous, is it not only severly damages our cells, but it also cripples our most vital defenses and natural abilities to cope with the many environmental toxins around us... it destroys our ULTIMATE BODILY-PROTECTION.

A man-designed poison that doesn't require disclosure on "ingredient lists" or Nutrition Facts.
This is no "additive" either... this poison has been engineered INTO THE FOOD ITSELF!

Like a genetically-modified-organism (GMO) it's a change in structure, but unlike a GMO it's NOT an "addition" to our food.

No it's far worse than a GMO... it's the most harmful manipulation to our food of all.

...So what is it and how did this great catastrophe all happen?
...How could it be potentially the single-greatest cause of chronic disease?
...And what does it have to do with; vegetable oils, low-fat diets, carbohydrates and sugars?

In two words: adulterated-fats.

It may even sound remotely innocent... but it's more insidious than you could ever imagine.

Let me explain why:

Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Otto Warburg, discovered #1 cause of cancer and chronic disease is a lack of cellular oxygen. Explaining in his research titled "The Metabolism of Tumors"... that weakened cell respiration causes cancer due to lack of oxygen at the cellular level.

Once "oxygen deprivation" in the cell reaches OVER 30% over time = cancer comes. (Benign tumors consist of "sleeping cancer cells" that consist of 20-30% oxygen deprivation)

Nothing too new right?

Dr. Otto Warburg
Nobel Prize Winner

Well here's where it gets interesting...

Big food processors create longer shelf lives for thier products via the destroying of OXYGEN "transference" in fats. And industrial fat "oil" processing severely damages it as well...

For example; if you leave margarine out on the kitchen counter, it doesn't go bad. It won't react with the air and OXIDIZE because there is no oxygen transference.

So what does that mean? And why is it so bad?

Well it's a good thing you asked friend... because you see, "dietary-fats" make up the outer-membrane of each one of your cells. And these outer-membranes are what allow any nutrients or oxygen to ENTER your cells.

Fats allow oxygen to transfer from your bloodstream to the INSIDE of each cell!

Which fats you may ask?

All (natural) fats play a part in our cellular make up, but it's the polyunsaturated-fats that are most beneficial for vital oxygen-transference. (*Also the most heat and oxidation sensitive)

...The same fats mass-adulterated and most largely consumed via American Vegetable Oils!

...The same industrial fats that have been injected into our food supply for the last century!

...The SAME FATS Germany's Senior Expert on Fats and also 7-time Nobel-Prize nominee, Johanna Budwig; proved in her research destroy cell membranes of the cells in our bodies, resulting in chronic and terminal diseases!

And it ISN'T just Vegetable-Oils...

It's our culinary oils and "hard-food" fats too...

Practically all polyunsaturated's in our entire food supply!

—There exists no mass industrial oil-pressing method (*not even cold-pressed) that does not damage and oxidize the fats... altering them into a foreign and poisonous substance.

Even all natural "food-fats" are turned into man-made fats through industrial manufacturing, hydrogenation, pasteurization, homogenization, genetic-manipulation... and OXIDATION.

—The standardized heat-treatment of our foods ALONE destroys vital function of these fats!

Our entire food industry has DESTROYED the integrity of our fats. Fats our cells NEED!

#FACT: Once these fats are "killed" via industrial adulteration, they can no longer carry oxygen inside your body's cells... creating the exact condition discovered by Otto Warburg!

—A discovery Dr Warburg had made in 1931 during the EXPLOSIVE RISE of Vegetable Oils!

Take a look here at a HUMAN CELL:

*Pictured (right) is a normal cell. On (left) a cell with a membrane that can't transfer oxygen.

Each time you consume adulterated-fats: they act as a TROJAN HORSE by secretly delivering "DISEASE-READY CELLS" inside your body!

Even your IMMUNE SYSTEM IS HELPLESS: According to both Dr. Ma Lan and Joel Wallach, white blood cells kills cancer cells by sending oxygen creating inside them, creating an intensified "hydrogen-peroxide" type reaction inside your cells...

...Oxygen that'll never reach the inside of your cells, with damaged fat membranes!

And these dead fats are RAMPANT in our food supply... occupying over 80% of all commercial foods at your grocery stores... favorite restaurants.... even in your health supplements!

In fact, the list of foods containing these adulterated-fats includes nearly anything you could think of... Everything from Nuts... Dairy... Cooking oils... Crackers... Cookies... Chips... TV dinners... Mayonnaise... Salad-dressings... Meats... Canned-foods, Protein-bars, etc.

And most of these prepackaged foods not only fill our bodies with adulterated fats, but also REFINED SUGARS... even the supposed "low-sugar" ones!

This is where the problem gets even worse:

Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg famously hypothesized "...the prime cause of cancer is the *replacement* of respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar!"

Meaning, not only are chronic diseases like cancer caused by a lack of oxygen... they are also FUELED by sugar!

Plus, Otto found the cancers with the highest growth rates had the highest fermentation rates!

HOW IT WORKS: Dead-fats are used to build new cell membranes... lowering oxygen-carrying capability in cells: promoting the "fermentation" process. Then sugar fuels the fermentation!

...So not only does "low oxygen" in our cells set us up for health problems and diseases to take hold of our bodies... but an over-abundance of unnatural "sugars" then LIGHTS THE FIRE for these diseases!

Hence: Our rampant supply of foods packed with adulterated-fats, sugar and carbohydrates!

...People have been contracting disease and dying prematurely through the "perfect storm" of dietary deception!

Think about this...

WE KNOW: "Low-oxygen" inside our cells results in chronic diseases and cancer.

WE ALSO KNOW: "Sugar FEEDS cancer" and influences an environment for pathogens to takeover our bodies...

What you may NOT know is: Low saturated-fat and low-cholesterol make the problem WORSE!

And the collective resulting cascade of problems weakens your bodies ability to deal with and detoxify all the environmental stressors and toxins around us, making you even sicker!

Let's break it all down :

There are approximately 100-trillion cells in your body...

 And these "little-guys" don't just affect your health, they ARE YOUR HEALTH.

As Dr Jerry Tennant, author of Healing is Voltage, states; all chronic disease is the inability to make new cells that work.

And like we established; FATS make up over 50% of all your 100-trillion cells, notably the "outer-membrane"...

So what does the cell membrane do?

...It allows oxygen, insulin/glucose, hormones, calcium, nutrients, etc — to go BACK N FORTH!

Wait a minute?

...Isn't Type II Diabetes, glucose that CAN'T get into the cell?
...Isn't "lack of oxygen" in the cells, what results in CANCER?
...Why do so many people have chronic hormone problems?
...Why do things like osteoporosis pose such a problem?

Can you imagine just a fraction of the incredible havoc these "adulterated-fats" can cause?

They handicap every one of your 100-trillion cells that keep you ALIVE!

Damaged Fats = Damaged Cells

Adulterated-fats damage cell-function, communication, regulation and duplication necessary to keep your body healthy...

When the cell walls are compromised, you're at the mercy of an endless array of chronic c onditions... as well as the "more serious" threats like Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer.

And Johanna Budwig blew this whistle way back in 1952!

She claimed **commercially processed fats and oils** were SHUTTING-DOWN the electrical field of the cells allowing chronic and terminal diseases to take hold of our bodies!

Budwig had discovered the portion of fats in your membranes that carry and transfer oxygen (in and out of the cell) are found mostly in the polyunsaturated fatty acids...

(*The same fatty-acids destroyed by Big Food Industry...)

And when unsaturated fats have been adulterated, their unsaturated qualities are destroyed and the field of electrons removed, which means the fats can NO LONGER carry oxygen!

This is why these adulterated-oils
lead to all kinds of chronic disease!

For example, take Heart Disease... she found that when these electrons are destroyed, the fats we uptake are no longer active and cannot flow properly into our capillaries — causing circulation problems!

Budwig also stated; "Without the proper metabolism of fats in our bodies, every vital function and every organ is affected, including the generation of new life and new cells...

During cell division, the cell and new daughter cell must contain enough electron-rich fatty acids in the cell's surface area to divide off completely from the old cell. When this process is interrupted the body begins to DIE."

Our bodies need to produce over 500 million new cells each DAY, so you can see the problem!

She also explained... "Due to the lack of electron rich highly unsaturated fat, the course of growth is disturbed—the surface-active fats are not present; the substance becomes inactive before the maturing and shedding process of the cells ever takes place, which results in the formation of tumors."

And like we established, Johanna wasn't some "average" scientist... she was Germany's Central Government's Senior Top Expert for fats and pharmaceuticals — making her one of the world's foremost authorities on fats and oils.

She reportedly helped countless patients suffering from conditions like Diabetes, cardiovascular-complications and even claimed to cure nearly 100% of patients from advanced stage cancers. An impressive implication even today.

Her research concretely demonstrated the disastrous effects adulterated-fats/oils have in destroying our cell membranes and resulting in all these terrible chronic and terminal diseases.

...Which is EXACTLY what these foods
are secretly doing to our bodies!

Not just the trans-fats and oh-so common hydrogenated oils, but also all the standard commercial vegetable oils too; soy oils, corn oils, cottonseed, canola oils, etc....

Even the partially-hydrogenated oils or "regular" fats and oils altered by industrial-processing,  have a massively-reduced capacity to conduct electricity or carry oxygen due to industrially-caused oxidative damage — that is simply unavoidable.

Meaning —

All the 'adulterated-fats' in our foods
STOP your cells from getting enough oxygen!

Let's take a deeper look at the structure of our cells...

Each cell membrane wall is composed of half fat and also protein.

The fats that make up this membrane are suppose to be a mix primarily of (natural) polyunsaturated-fats and saturated-fats. (*Monounsaturated offer secondary support)

Note: There is no structural carbohydrate in your cells, according to Peskin Medical Reseach.

Note: There also is no "trans-fat". It's a FAKE man-made fat and doesn't belong in the body... it stops oxygen-transference and clogs arteries, because it is a completely-foreign substance.

*Pictured here is a simple look at each of your cell-membrane outer barriers:

Saturated-fats support our cell structures and keep out toxins to protect the more delicate polyunsaturated fats. In fact, because of their "closed structure", they help shield your cells (vulnerable) polyunsaturated-fatty acids from dangerous free-radicals that try to oxidize them!

LUCKILY: Saturated-fats are very stable and don't become rancid when subjected to heat. That's why saturated-fats like ghee or coconut oil are best to use when cooking...

Polyunsaturated-fats allow essential nutrients, hormones, numerous biochemical processes and vital oxygen transfer into the cell. They have a very particular molecular structure.

UNFORTUNATELY: It's an extremely delicate structure that is easily DAMAGED and by mother nature's design, easily becomes rancid when subjected to heat or industrial processing. If it did NOT, then it could not "oxidize" to create fuel-burn in our cells — inside our 98 degree bodies!

Here are the three types of fats from most stable to least stable:

*The stability of a fat is determined by how many binding sites it has open.

Here's what "FAT-GURU" and Neuro-biohacker Dave Asprey had to say on Polyunsaturated-fats:

"...Polyunsaturated fats are the least stable fats. Poly is Greek for "many," and as the name suggests, polyunsaturated fats have multiple binding sites exposed, making them particularly open to oxidation. You should handle less stable fats more carefully to make sure they don't oxidize or spoil. That means avoiding ones that are heavily processed or exposed to high heat.

Two types of the most important kinds of fat are unstable; Omega 6 and omega 3 fats are both polyunsaturated, and they're key to survival. Your body can't produce omega 3s and omega 6s on its own; you get them from food. That's why low-fat diets are bad for you — they systematically deprive you of the fats your body needs to function at its best..."

*This is why when natural fats are adulterated and changed into trans-fats, hydrogenated or even just "oxidized and rancid" standard fats... the molecular structure is forever damaged.

This is what makes them so dangerous... Our bodies use them in place of vital natural fats!

Oxygen-carrying, transfering, and "internal-oxidation" is gone —

And Chronic Disease is BORN!

Man-made forms of food are notorious for "shutting-down" our bodies defenses...

Everyone knows Type-II Diabetes has dramatically-worsened with the introduction of unnaturally-refined sugar and "high-fructose corn-syrup"...

...Or chemical-sensitivities and auto-immune disorders have increased since the introduction of pesticides and herbacides like Glyphosate — on and in our foods!

...Or that milk has become the most allergenic food in America — since the regulation of it's pasteurization and mass-adopted homogenization!

That's what happens when you transform foods into foreign-substances your body doesn't recognize... and FATS are no different!!

Damaged fats create damaged cells.

They stop oxygen transfer of the essential fatty acids in your cells... causing chronic circulation problems, metabolic diseases and cancers!

THE IRONY: The VERY fats that have been replaced (with "man-made" versions) in our foods, are the SAME FATS that are MISSING (in natural versions) to ensure our health!

🔥   DID YOU KNOW? Just one tablespoon of adulterated-oil/fats can supply 100,000 defective molecules for each cell in your ENTIRE body?

What's WORSE... is these adulterated-fats stay in our bodies up to 20-TIMES LONGER than healthy natural ones!

🔥   DID YOU KNOW? Natural-fats are used up and leave our body in 1-4 weeks, while harmful adulterated-fats can remain inside you — suffocating your cells and clogging your arteries, for OVER A YEAR??

Add to this defective number the huge number of defective fat molecules we intake in every aspect of our daily-diets... and it's pretty terrifying what you and your family have been consuming for literally DECADES!

The simple truth is... Without giving our bodies LOTS of unprocessed, natural fats and oils, our health suffers — because the health of our cells determines the health of our entire body!

A bad situation made WORSE : "The Disease Multipliers"

Now lets take a look at the additions to our foods and how they complicate the adulterated-fat situation... because this is where "the poop" really hits the fan!

CHOLESTEROL: Good dietary-cholesterol enhances function of our cell-membranes. Meaning nutrients get INTO your cells and toxins and waste products are PREVENTED from entering your cells!

...While "bad" LDL cholesterol (raised by eating a high-carb diet) acts as a poison delivery system, bringing deadly adulterated-fats INSIDE your cells!

...Assimilation of "immune-system KING" supporter: Vitamin D is also vitally-dependent on dietary cholesterol. Low-cholesterol = Low vitamin D!!

HIGH-CARB DIETS: High carbohydrate consumption causes cholesterol in your body to "automatically oxidize". Oxidized cholesterol promotes injury to cells as well as a pathological buildup of plaque in the arteries!

SATURATED FATS: These fats support our cell structures and keep out toxins to protect the more delicate polyunsaturated fats... by "stripping them from our diet", our cell-membranes lose proper permeability and any handicapped cells suffer further!

...WITHOUT Saturated-fats, your body has to rely on any adulterated and hydrogenated fats for cellular membrane production from the overabundance of vegetable oils in our foods...

This all leads to further damaged, oxygen-starving and suffocated cells in our body!


All the artificially-hydrogenated, hydrogenated and trans-fats shut down your cell communication and membranes function — that you virtually cannot live without...

Even the "normal and natural" claimed oils in our foods have been adulterated at minimum by oxidation that renders the fats useless, harmful and TOXIC — remaining in your body for potentially YEARS!

...Every meal at a restaurant; Oils, condiments, fried-foods, oils used to cook your meats... vegetables... or tossed in a vegetarian salad.

...Nearly every packaged food we eat; The damaged fats, the oils... even the cold-pressed!

Our "real" fat and cholesterol stripped food supply... Our over-abundance of sugar and carbs.

The American Diet is killing us — whether slowly or quickly.

And it all starts with the ruined polyunsaturated-fat as our bodies staple for cellular energy.

When the fats in your cell-membranes can' t transfer oxygen INTO your cells...

  • Your cells stop producing necessary "ATP energy". Noticeable fatigue surfaces.
  • Vital cellular communication shuts down. Beta-cell malfunction causes insulin-resistance and/or other nutrient deficiencies...
  • Oxidative stress and inflammation rises. Hatching various " chronic-conditions" vulnerable to whatever relevant genetic composition.
  • Circulation problems begin to arise. Resulting in high-blood pressure and blood clots.
  • The precious cells in your body begin to ferment and mutate. Cancer cells begin to form.
  • Pathogens in your body "wake up", further stressing your immune system... fueling more inflammation, cellular stress and further reduced cardiovascular blood-circulation.
  • The cycle repeats... until time for a solution is unfortunately lost...

No body can properly sustain health with overload of our adulterated, oxygen-dead fats.

...Without the proper UN-adulterated-fats (which have essentially VANISHED from our diet)  along with a well-enough functioning liver to assimilate them, your blood wont flow cleanly and your arteries won't earn needed repair — resulting in a state of insidious Heart Disease.

That is if another degenerative chronic disease or cancer doesn't develop inside you first.

"...This is OUTRAGEOUS!
How could we all be SO duped!?"

This may clear some things up...

In human psychology, Double-bind theory was first described by Gregory Bateson and his associates in the 1950s... (*not too long before the "Eisenhower scheme" was set in motion)

And we've been collective-victims of it ever since.

It's a mind-controltechnique. And a very effective one at that.

DB theory states — "The double bind occurs when the person cannot confront the inherent dilemma, and therefore can neither resolve it nor opt out of the situation. They are often utilized as a form of control without open coercion—the use of confusion makes them both difficult to respond to as well as to resist... The situation arises when a person (or establishment) in position of authority imposes two contradictory conditions but there exists an unspoken rule that one must never question authority." —Wikipedia.

— The last token of influence is reinforced through obedience to authority, discovered by social psychologist Stanley Milgram, who conducted a series of behavioral experiments widley considered to be the most important psychological studies of the past century...

The experiments found: that the will of ordinary persons can be easily controlled when a perceived "authority" issued suggestions... a force so persuasive that the experiments even showed 67% of "normal person participants" could even be swayed to commit murder.

And we all fell for it... including the subscribing to an "either, or" bind of A/B.

...Either Animal or Vegetable Fats?
...Either "eating fat" or "eating low-fat?"
...Unsaturated or Saturated-fats?

Beautifully-orchestrated Double-binds.

A psychological-trap that suppresses critical-thought by enforcing the illusion of absent alternative possibilities and open conversations. It leaves you with NO WHERE ELSE TO GO, except the option that authority has manufactured — in this case "Keys' Low-Fat" fallacy.

Everyone has been psychologically pitted to assume the belief of "either, or"... Either "eat fat" or "don't eat fat"... Either saturated-fats or unsaturated-fats? Forcing sides.

Which when you look at the structure of our cells, is quite STUPID, because BOTH are vitally necessary... because they aren't competitors, but necessary FRIENDS.

Both categories of fats (saturated and unsaturated) provide the building blocks for your cell-membranes... and they work together in a vitally-essential synergy for proper cell function!

...Both are necessary for proper mineral absorption (mineral deficiencies are rampant) and both act as carriers for crucial fat-soluble vitamins, including Vitamin K — which has proven vital in the synthesis of big immune system supporter; Vitamin D... which the world famous Weston A Price referred to as "activator X" for proper immune function.

THE WHOLE TIME... we've been stuck comparing "apples to oranges!"

Here's where things get NASTIER:

Each cell in your body like a "little fire"... 🔥  

And the FIRE that powers each cell — is fueled by the oxidation of the fats INSIDE of it.

This oxidation of fats enables the electrical-charge (the burn of the fire) to power your cells crucial jobs and power your body to keep you healthy and ALIVE!

KEY-POINT: If these fats are already oxidized (from industrial adulteration) BEFORE entering your body... then how can they "oxidize to power your cells" while IN YOUR BODY? It's impossible. They cannot!

...When these fats are "oxidized" before entering your body, they leave each cell in your body with DEAD BATTERIES!

Your cells have weak charges and their crucial "little fires" can't burn and do their job!

You then experience chronic-conditions, cardiovascular problems, insulin-resistances, nutrient deficiencies, cancers.... various metabolic problems, and so on.

So do you see why "oxidation" (inside your body) is VITALLY IMPORTANT?!?

When you "strip polyunsaturated-fats" of oxygen, then alter their structure further... through GM engineering and/or industrial pressing & processing — they can't do their JOB!

And you end up with "disease-ready" cells, exactly like Dr Otto Warburg discovered!

Meaning; The Mafia has essentially —


And here's where it gets WORSE: The "secret" hidden inside the double-bind...

Your cells "job" also happens to be vitally dependent on necessary Saturated-Fats, as they provide the proper permeability for your cells — along with cholesterol!

Point being: Polyunsaturated-fats can't do their job properly without Saturated-fats... and vice versa. And BOTH were removed from our diets!!

Saturated-fats were deemed "the devil" and our polyunsaturated's were all oxygen-destroyed!

Now, luckily TODAY... saturated-fat accessibility isn't anywhere near as much of a problem.

They are FAR EASIER to now obtain through diet, and are widely available via things like "full-fat dairy" or coconut oils. And because they posses a solid chemical structure far-less vulnerable to adulteration, even somewhat "heat-processed" saturated-fats can still serve your health greatly.

...Also the case with "monounsaturated-fats", found high in Avocados and Olive oil. Though not as "durable" as a Saturated-fats, they are regardless widely available in heat-treated and non-heat-treated sources.

This however, is not the case for "polyunsaturated-fats". They are a FAR GREATER CHALLENGE to obtain "un-adulterated" versions of... and ironically they are the MOST PREVALENT FAT in our foods! (*The adulterated and "oxygen-broken" versions...)

Our health has been damaged by BOTH the "occurrence and absence" of this fat in our diet!

...By the ABSENCE of the (undamaged) Fat our bodies NEED. (*Oxygen-carrying)

...And the UNAVOIDABILITY of it's health-damaging adulterated counterpart! (*Oxygen void)

🔥   KEY-POINT: By creating the adulterated-polyunsaturated fat, they created the problem!

The polyunsaturated-fat is the most volatile and delicate in structure, because it is the most oxygen-sensitive... it NEEDS to oxidize in your body to help power the life of your cells!

Without un-adulterated and non-oxidized polyunsaturated-fats, there is no "FIRING" in your cells! And you become sick as a dog!!

How did they pull off such an EPIC scheme?

Was it decades of greed, deception, lies... and blatant cover-ups and doctoring of truth?

...Or could it be a string of giant mistakes, resulting from the ego's and ignorance of our authorities?

It's hard to say. But let's step into their seat:

Imagine you are sitting in the "greedy and all powerful" Game-of-Thrones Chair...

You are tasked with creating the ultimate profit stream — for both food manufacturers and for "Medical Continuity"... (which means: customers that stick around for years... until they are milked dry and die.)

Ask Yourself: Would it be easier to increase the MANY different speculated environmental causes of disease, or would it be easier to attack one major bodily defense with ONE SINGLE CAUSE — that people obediently consume... dramatically increasing their susceptibility to ALL chronic disease types?

You make the toxic delivery system a TROJAN HORSE... a poison that eluded package labels and general awareness. A poison EVERYONE would consume in the name of "heart health"... and you even actively coerce them with endorsement of the US Government.

And in doing so, this same SINGLE core attack makes our bodies MORE susceptible to all the existing secondary "environmental threats" already present among us.

Once our "main core-defense" is down... every one of us becomes a sitting duck!

Now let's take it a step further...

Also imagine this "trojan horse" causes energy-deprivation... making everyone more co-dependent on convenient packaged food solutions that fed their body MORE of this poison?

Everyone exhausted, overworked and over-stressed now gravitates toward your "solution."

Still you want MORE consumption... MORE profits... so you load these food-solutions with an over-abundance of SUGARS, which has been quoted by countless respectable scientists to be "more addictive than cocaine"... yielding even MORE "returning customers!"

But you aren't done... you then lobby for "low-fat" food manufacturing (in the false name of better-nutrition), which results in an increased hunger cycle — driving consumption!

Are you starting to see the disturbing implications here?

In reality, we can only speculate about how much of these health conspiracies were intentional... but if this all happened by coincidence, it's "one heckuva" coincidence!

And regardless of whether the "convenient-for-profit outcome" was true ignorance or some devilishly calculated premeditation, the absolute certainty is It's been happening for over 100 years... Millions of lives have been negatively affected and lost.

...With no shortage of ignorance, greed, liability-defense and an ever-growing river of profits.

In the end, we're simply left to assume...

"It's nothing personal... It's just Business."

The GOOD NEWS, either way, is
you don't have to be victim to their game!

Now it'd be foolish to assume you could solve every health saboteur with a single stroke.

...But by "remodeling our CORE mechanism for health" (proper cellular-operation), we gain potentially our single greatest OFFENSE AND DEFENSE to retain and optimize our vitality!

Because sure... we can't avoid every chemical-assault or toxic ingestion in life... but we CAN take action to help control your own bodily defenses by ingesting the proper "oxygen-supporting fats" daily!

...You can't always avoid the many environmental causes that lower our cellular oxygen levels — through oxidiative-stress, but you CAN help ensure the cascade of problems coming from our bodies inability to currently regulate these attacks!

Simply put: Our cellular ability to re-oxygenate themselves, has become DE-ACTIVATED!

...We just need to RE-ACTIVATE our cells, damaged by the epidemic & endless supply of adulterated-fats!

The KEY: get more oxygen INSIDE your cells!

...So how do you get MORE OXYGEN inside your cells?
...What type of fats enable proper oxygen transfer?
...And how do you get the POISONOUS FATS out of your body??

Well, as with many scenarios, there's "good news and bad news".

First, the BAD NEWS...

The first piece of "bad news" is that these adulterated-fats, handicapping your cellular-functions, can STAY in your body for up to 1.5 YEARS! (Basically meaning FOREVER if your diet is void of health replacements...)

The second piece of bad news is that these adulterated-fats are almost impossible to avoid!

SURE... you could stop eating all pre-prepared or packaged foods from your grocery store, "dressings on your salads", mayonnaise on your burgers, fried foods, or refrain from eating out at restaurants all-together...

But that could be a very limited, lonely and unfulfilling life.

Well the GOOD NEWS is there's a better way to handle this problem...

Remember in the groundbreaking documentary FOOD INC — how they offered Farm Chickens the CHOICE between organic or GMO commercial grains, and the Chickens naturally chose to eat the real organic grains, every time?

Well your body does the same thing with UN-ADULTERATED FATS!

When you feed your body "organic, REAL and natural" fats, it biologically CHOOSES them over the bad ones!

Meaning; as you feed your body more of these "essential oxygen-active" fats... your body will begin replacing and discarding all the "damaged adulterated fats" (sitting in our cells right now) with the NEW OXYGEN-RICH fats!

Now, you may be wondering "how long" this takes?

And that's a smart question... most "bad fake fats" have a half-life of around 2-months, which means you can replace most of them in about 3-4 months! (*Ironically the same timeline Johanna Budwig's patients were reported to experience massive turning points in their health...)

SOLUTION : You just have to feed your body
the right "healthy" un-adulterated fats,
to replace the unhealthy ones!

So what type of natural fats should you consume?

Well you should certainly consume plenty of saturated (dairy/animal or coconut/vegan will suffice) and it's fine to consume some natural monounsaturated fats (like avocados and olives) that are secondarily-supportive...

But we've established that it's the polyunsaturated-fats that are the vital oxygen carriers.

The same fat that was replaced in our diet with adulterated-forms over the last 100 years!

The same-fat Johanna Budwig discovered to be BOTH the culprit in disease (*adulterated form) AND the life-saving solution! (*UN-adulterated & oxygen-carrying form)

(— DID YOU KNOW? Johanna Budwig died at that age of 95 from natural causes?)

In fact, there's no shortage of highly-respected authorities in the health field today... affirming this discovery, both with research and RESULTS:

Dr. Jerry Tennant, IAOMT speaker and author of Healing is Voltage, who said "All chronic disease is a result of your body's inability to create new cells that work" — strongly states we need un-adulterated natural fats to create healthy cells to experience optimal health!

(— DID YOU KNOW? Dr. Jerry Tennant is approaching 80 years old and still travels on speaking circuits and maintains a well-operating medical practice — after completely recovering from a life-threatening and crippling chronic disease decades ago?)

German Biochemist & Professor, Dr. Gerhard Spiteller, performed intense research showing OXIDIZED fatty-acids are the prime culprit in heart disease! And that biochemistry disproves the possibility that saturated fats could be artery-clogging.

His work even stated — "ruined EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) in arterial blockages cause decreased blood speed, and even worse, because the analysis of aortic arterial plaque is so high in oxidized and ruined polyunsaturated oils, defective polyunsaturated fats and oils are the most important reason your arteries become clogged and root cause of blood clots — leading to issues for cardiovascular disease, and are estimated to be responsible for over 80% of the cancer mortality rate by facilitating the transport of cancer throughout the body..."

...Yet none of these findings ever penetrated "mainstream health info", because they didn't fit into popular opinion... and have been socially dwarfed by years of deceiving advice.

What's missing from our diets?

A look at the last 100 years, should have revealed the ONE-VITAL "oxygen-carrying" fat removed from our foods.... because there's primarily only ONE: The oxygen-carrying polyunsaturated-fats!

Lets briefly consider the rest of our foods, supplements and diet:

...Is it Omega-3 Fish Oils? (Nope. It's the 3rd most consumed supplement in America!)

...Is it Monounsaturated Fats? (Nope. Olive Oil and Avocados are among all-time consumptive highs!)

...Is it Saturated Fats? (Clearly it was a problem... but for over a decade Butter has out-sold Margarine again and most health-concious folks have gravitated toward higher-fat dairy, plus the "Coconut-Oil craze" - for even vegan folks - is also the largest it's been!)

Plus Saturated-fats have a far less volatile structure that makes them more immune to things like "heat-processing", which utterly destroys polyunsaturated-fats... making them poisonous.

...So what about non-adulterated Polyunsaturated-Fats??

Where do we get them where they haven't ALREADY had their "oxygen-carrying" ability, DESTROYED??

They have virtually DISAPPEARED over the last 100 years!

...We don't eat "raw meat" due to contamination threats. (Plus most still aren't grass fed... and contain "lower polyunsaturated's and offset omega-3's" due to grain-feeding.)

...Our "Dairy" is highly-pasteurized (raw dairy is still illegal in most states), and along with "grain feeding" — commercial dairy not only has "much lower" polyunsaturated's, but the ones it still contains are DESTROYED! By also reducing fat percentage, the milk and dairy we all consume is also saturated-fat stripped and more sugar-heavy!

🔥   DID YOU KNOW: Dairy naturally contains 6-8% "polyunsaturated fats" too? But they are not required to be listed on Nutrition Facts labels? ALSO: Polyunsaturated-fats used to be roughly DOUBLE in milk before the Dairy Industry switched cows to grain and corn feed. Nevertheless, they are adulterated and destroyed via Pasteurization and Homogenization processes.

...Our plant seed diet is extremely low for the average person and many seeds are heat-treated and distributed from "big manufacturers" that are private labeled. Plus we'd have to consume far too many to make a dent in our on going deficiency and mission to replace all the toxic-fats in our bodies.

...What about "juicing" or pure whole vegetable diets? Getting enough polyunsaturated's here may be close to impossible these days as even most nuts and seeds have been heat-treated.

Then there's the big commercial Vegetable-Oil Industry... which feeds us over-bearing amounts of the DEAD and adulterated polyunsaturated fats are bodies are stuck trying to use!

THE BIG PROBLEM is the absence of a large-enough source to offset the garbage we take-in, and even if you aren't touching any packaged-foods or oils... Restaurants are dripping with adulterated-fats of the worst kind — even healthy "farm-to-table" joints!

URGENT NOTE: All these "bad fats and oils" get stuck in your body... and WON'T "come out" without being replaced by flooding your body with "good oxygen-ALIVE" versions! We simply eat WAY too many of them...

...But what FORM of polyunsaturated-fats
should you consume?

The prime forms your body needs of polyunsaturated-fats are Omega-3 and Omega-6.

And while that sounds simple, it's not that simple...
The Mafia says you need to "consume more omega-3" and less omega-6.

In fact, let's not just pick on The Mafia... because even "natural health guru's" say this!

THE POINT? Is everyone is missing the point!

Most advice you've heard on both "Omega-3" AND "Omega-6" is just plain WRONG. And we'll break down why, right here... coated in undeniable logic.

We'll tackle each one quickly, but lets start with —


Yes you need them. We all do... and yes most of the population is deficient in them.

But Omega 3 advocation has become reckless with over-prescription and over-recommendation of supplements like Fish-Oil...

There are 4 SERIOUS PROBLEMS with that:

First, Fish Oil is susceptible to the same concerns as industrialized-vegetable-oils... they end up RANCID and harmful to your health. In fact, studies examining fish oil supplements available around the world, show over 80 percent examined exceed acceptable oxidation levels even set by low-bar commercial standards!

Second, there are 3-forms of polyunsaturated-Omega-3 fatty-acids.... "ALA, EPA and DHA".

Common omega supplements like Fish-Oil, primarily consist of EPA and DHA forms. And while you've been told these are most beneficial, that's not exactly true...

You see EPA and DHA are "derivatives" of the parent form of poly-essential-fatty-acids: ALA. And while it's true EPA and DHA are found in our bodies... many of them come from our OWN conversion of the parent-form ALA into the discovered derivative-forms (EPA & DHA).

We are led to believe "derivitive-forms" of the fatty-acids discovered in our cell-profiles were ingested in that form. But your body is equiped to make them on it's own...

You've also maybe heard things like "our bodies don't convert parent-fatty acid ALA very well",  and there's one reason that has been TRUE: ALA conversion is DAMAGED when you deprive the body of saturated-fats!! (*A problem that has plagued Americans for decades...)

Further, a look inside our cells shows over 1/3 of the present fats in our 100-trillion cells are in the PARENT-FORM. M.I.T. Medical Physicist Brian Peskin talks about this in his book "The PEO Solution"... (*PEO standing for "parent essential oils" —like "ALA" omega-3.)

...Peskin even referenced several stories of folks who remedied issues from cardiovascular cases to weight-problems, to chronic inflammation and cancer struggles, to diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol-normalization simply by consuming unadulterated PARENT fats!

KEY-POINT: Kids don't fix problems, Parents do. Parent-Omega-3 ALA can convert to "kid fatty-acids" like EPA & DHA. However the "kids" (EPA & DHA) cannot convert themselves to needed PARENTS — the parents that have been long-deficient in our cells as a society!

Third... ask yourself what over the last 100-years has changed? Less fish... less DHA & EPA? Or less natural ALA in our foods and animals — due to factory farming and industrial processing of plant-omega's — while stripping our saturated's that aid ALA conversion?? 

Which brings me to the fourth and final point: Common "omega-supplements" are primarily loaded not only with "kid-derivatives" with void ALA... but also with Omega-3's, NOT omega-6's.

And you may think that's a weird thing to claim as a "problem"... Until you read this;


It's amazing no references are made to the necessity of replacing the (toxic) omega-6's inside us... A problem Omega-3 CANNOT SOLVE, because it's an Omega-6 problem.

All the toxic-versions inside us from all the "oxygen-dead" adulterated-fats in our foods!

And we can't replace the toxic-versions with needed healthy ones if we avoid healthy Omega-6!

Look, there is no problem with eating contaminent-free fish... they can supply valuable nutrients for folks that wish to consume them. But you aren't going to receive abundant ALA and you can't effectively replace toxic versions of Omega-6 stuck inside you with Omega-3. It's impossible!

You replace toxic Omega-6 fats in your body by consuming HEALHY AND UNDAMAGED omega-6's! Your body NEEDS omega-6 and it won't get them by consuming omega-3's!

🔥   DID YOU KNOW? Consuming Omega-3's for the majority of fat calories has been shown to potentially contribute to heart disease? ...As taking fish oil and/or other supplemental fatty-acids can overdose you with derivatives and actually be harmful.

🔥   DID YOU KNOW? The inside of your arteries, the "wall" known as the intima, are protected from plaque build-up by a substance called prostacyclin? And diets resulting in higher prostacyclin have demonstrated so from omega-6, NOT omega-3?

Prostacyclin is your body's natural blood thinner and keeps platelets apart naturally... it's your natural anti-platelet adhesion defense to prevent heart attacks! It helps platelets stay apart so they don't coagulate and prevents adhesion to the arterial wall in the intima...

In an extended Omega-3 Fish Oil trial, with patients with atherosclerosis... prostacyclin biosynthesis actually FELL by an average of 42%!

In fact, in Peskin's research documented in The Hidden Story of Cancer... multiple Fish Oil experiments have demonstrated the "high-derivative omega-3 oil" INCREASES platelet aggregation and even decreases glucose tolerance — while the experiments conclusively show worthlessness in preventing both Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer!

What about BRAIN sickness like Alzheimers? Omega-3 derivatives are great for that, right?

"Researchers recently concluded DHA (sought in fish oil) failed to improve cognitive impairment or stop decline in Alzheimer disease victims." —Journal of the American Medical Association

Back in 2002, this was even published in the medical textbook Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids: Pathophysiology and Roles in Clinical Medicine; "Many doctors and investigators seem to be under the impression that omega-3 EFAs are much more important than omega-6 EFAs. Nothing could be further from the truth..."


Health and medical conglomerates seem to ignore science even published in their own medical textbooks...

A study published in 2007 in Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids journal; states disease-free aorta had one commonality: an abundant concentration of EFA linoleate (Parent Omega-6) — And in disease-states of atherosclerosis they discovered deficiencies!

"Dead and adulterated" Omega-6 CANNOT provide the proper service your body needs...But your body DOES REQUIRE natural and non-oxidized versions to keep your cells oxygenated and your body healthy!

*THE TRUTH IS: you want BOTH Omega-6 AND Omega-3 in PARENT-forms — and in the right ratios, TOGETHER. Because the same enzymes are used to assimulate them both... so too much of either can result in an undesired imbalance and taking them at the SAME-TIME is most beneficial.

WITHOUT THEM BOTH: Your cells can't take in OXYGEN to power your cells!

...That's what Johanna Budwig discovered 50+ years ago enabling her to heal the hopeless!

...It's what Dr Jerry Tennat discovered, allowing him to cure himself of wheelchair-bound illness.

...It's what Professor Brian Peskin built a career on to help suffering folks around the world.

...It's why Dr. Spiteller's research stated there is one prime cause of heart disease; the defective parent omega-6!

That's why replacing them inside your body with healthy NON-adulterated versions is KEY!

Imaging you were —

"Arguing with a Kindergartner..."

You'd want to break this into the simplest-of-terms.

Your "insides" (cells) are made up of saturated and unsaturated fats. It's also made up of "omega-3" and omega-6" fatty-acids... each in both "parent and kid" fatty-acid forms.

THINK: If the problem was toxic "omega-6" fats and your body NEEDS omega-6 to be alive... then do you fix the problem by supplementing your body only OMEGA-3?

...And if "factory-farming and industrial-processing" killed ALA, then do we GET IT BACK by consuming "kid-derivatives EPA & DHA?" Derivatives that cannot convert to needed parents?

Yes your body needs Omega-3's, as "healthy-gurus" have been touting. But in the needed-form. And NOT at the expense of avoiding healthy Omega-6 and not fixing the occupancy of toxic-versions inside you — suffocating your cells of the vital respiration to be healthy!


...If your liver was failing, would you seek a KIDNEY transplant?

...If you "lost a leg", would you seek a prostetic-ARM??

...If you had trouble HEARING, would you seek "reading-glasses?"

**NO! Because that would be UTTERLY-STUPID!

Don't seek Omega-3 DHA & EPA solutions for an Omega-3 ALA & Omega-6 problem!

The New England Journal of Medicine has even validated:

"Diets high in natural polyunsaturated-fats have been more effective than low-fat, high-carbohydrate diets in lowering "bad" cholesterol (caused by sugar & carb-induced hyper-triglyceridemia) and heart disease risk..."

We've been manipulated to believe a situation that's NOT "rocket-science" is rocket-science!

The KEY is to flood the body with healthy oxygen-rich polyunsaturated-fats to hand your body the materials it NEEDS — while clearing out the bad ones damaging your health!

Plant based oils = OXYGEN MAGNETS!

Plenty of nutrient and oxygen-rich polyunsaturated fats can be made available, in the abundant quantities we need, by pressing raw and organic plant-based seed oils.

In fact, this is the GREATEST WAY IN THE WORLD to obtain oxygen-carrying parent poly-fats!

The same discovery made by Johanna Budwig and affirmed by brilliant health revolutionaries!

...Fresh-oils from seeds like Flaxseeds, Pumpkinseeds, Sesame and Sunflower seeds.

...Seeds that contain BOTH needed (parent) omega "3 and 6" profiles lacking in our cells!

...Seeds that provide the proper electrically-charged, "oxygen-carrying" fats!

And in the proper ratios... so they can support your health by replacing the toxic-counterparts inside your body right now — repairing your cells and body from the inside out!

In fact, we were so excited by our decade of research, that we put it to the test ourselves:

We supplied a group of individuals with a "fresh-pressed" 5-SEED BLEND of the above stated seed oils (Flaxseed, Pumpkin, Sesame, Sunflower) and also a "coriander seed" oil, that only one engineer — all the way over in Germany has figured out how to press.

We then immediately had these Oils bottled in "light-protective" glass (so the oils wouldn't oxidize) and then protectively shipped them to each person.


"Shocked - she looked so much better we both cried.
—This is truly a life saver!!!!!"

PANCREATIC CANCER & ORGAN FAILURE"Four days ago my sister with stage five pancreatic cancer was in liver and kidney failure. I gave her the 5-SEED OIL BLEND and watched a miracle take place...

Her liver and kidneys started working again. That night she was in terrible pain as her liver started pumping sludge through her gall bladder but she knew it was a good pain and was thankful her liver was working again. Yesterday I went over there and was shocked - she looked so much better we both cried.

After 4 days (on the OIL BLEND) her first chore in months was to go shopping for eight hours. Mind you, my sister's been bed ridden on hospice for months. The swelling in her abdomen from the liver failure is all gone and she looks so much better. We didn't think she was going to last a week now we have hope that she will be here for the holidays.

This product is truly a life saver!!!!!"


"70 years of complete dryness wiped out within a few days.
—It's as though I'm 20 years young again!"

PSORIASIS/SKIN CONDITIONS & ARTHRITIS/OSTEOPOROSIS "ALL OF MY LIFE, I've had to put oils and lotion on my extremely dry skin; and, within the last five years, I've battled ugly, scaly and discolored psoriasis on my legs, which I was encourage to accept as it was merely a sign of my getting older.

I took the 5-SEED OIL BLEND and within days, ALL OF THE flaking SCALES are completely gone....NO LOTION nor additional oils are now necessary. My legs feel soft, supple, and MOIST! I don't believe I can express to you how this almost seems impossible.

This is 70 years of complete dryness wiped out within a few days. My fingernails are taking on luster and feeling stronger. Chapped lips are 90% better....corns on my feet are disappearing! My back has become STRONGER (plagued with scoliosis and kyphoscoliosis, arthritis and osteoporosis). My CONFIDENCE and physical speed have accelerated.

It's as though I'm 20 years young again!"


"I have more energy than ever...
—Any stiffness I had has gone"

FATIGUE & JOINT STIFFNESS"Hi. Just wanted to see if any one else is reporting the same experience with the 5-SEED OIL BLEND that I am having...

I have more energy than I think I ever remember having and I am now 46 years old.

It is to the point where I feel like I am crawling out of my skin and I can hardly sit still. I didn't go to work today because I couldn't stand the thought of sitting in my car for 15 minutes but I did stack two cords of wood and rake my yard.

Any stiffness I had has gone but I can't stop stretching and flexing all my joints. I've been taking the oil for two weeks now and just wondered if any one else has reported a similar reaction. Thank you. All the best."


"Abdominal problems disappearing completely...
My skin and hair began to improve.
I feel better than ever felt in life"

DIGESTIVE ISSUES & DECLINING HEALTH"After twenty years of declining health I began taking the 5-SEED OIL BLEND and my abdominal problems were disappearing completely. My skin and hair began to improve.

I feel better than I have ever felt in my life and I am now sixty years old and have the body and skin of a man in his thirties.

Thanks again!


Then there's me...

I was suffering from life-threatening illness... disgustingly overweight with chronic inflammation, joint pain, shedding-skin and condemning fatigue. Name a common-problem, I had it.

At only 46 years old my body was aching, weak and felt absolutely MISERABLE.

I ended up "losing all the weight" because my body became so sick with liver disease that I had turned all yellow and withered into a skeleton. My medical advisors deemed me terminal.

I remember the moment I had my first teaspoon... I could immediately smell, taste and FEEL the difference in them and in my body.

It took me less than a few weeks to see profound changes. I was completely mobilized, more agile and more vital than I honestly felt in DECADES. It felt life-transforming.

...Remember how you felt in your early 20's? It was quite literally like that.

I felt SO GOOD I was simply in dis-belief.

Today I'm 100% recovered... healthier and more ALIVE than I've truly ever felt.

And unfortunately these are all RESULTS many folks aren't experiencing due to unawareness or lack-of-access...

Because finding a consumable source that supplies "enough" of these polyunsaturated-fats in natural, un-adulterated and non-oxidized form, while seems like it'd be simple, is no easy feat.

PROBLEM : They are hard to come by!

You're probably wondering why you can't just go to the store and pickup some "polyunsaturated seed oils?" Because technically you can, but this is also where a greater problem lies...

Like we discussed, due to common industrial oil-pressing (*Yes even "cold-pressed") the delicate fat membranes are punctured and damaged — creating rapidly oxidizing oils.

Fats in these oils immediately start losing their ability to carry oxygen...Then they are put into bottles that further contribute to their rancidity, as penetrating light further oxidizes the precious polyunsaturated oils!

By the time you get them, you're potentially playing with FIRE.

🔥   DID YOU KNOW? Any "Oil" said to require refrigeration is already damaged and rapidly oxidizing? That's WHY it requires refrigeration... the cooler temperature slows down the volatile movement of molecules so they smash into eachother a little slower — still resulting in total destruction. Complete rancidity is still in progress and INEVITABLE.

Up until now, the only option you've had to consume these needed "oxygen-carrying-fats" made unavailable by commercial processing, is to "grind plant seeds yourself at home" into Oil.

...But the problem even with that is "all common devices" used to do so also DAMAGE the extremely delicate fat-membranes in the Oils (though not as bad as commercial-processing).

Plus, the Oils STILL begin going rancid immediately and need be consumed within minutes to still obtain viable benefit. To make matters worse though... big manufacturers "heat-process the seeds" you may likely buy, for sanitation before sale — ruining their potential anyway!

So we really wanted to figure out a convenient solution for folks... one that could provide them with their "daily-dose" of necessary OXYGEN-RICH polyunsaturated parent oils...

We wanted to create a revolutionary pressing-technology that could extract these life-giving oils without damaging delicate membranes; NO HEATNO CHEMICALSNO FRICTION

...A challenge our team and head mechanical engineer at Activation has spent MILLIONS of dollars and over a decade solving and perfecting...

...The World's First and ONLY
PERFECT-PRESS™ Technology!

We believe it's the GREATEST SOLUTION in the health-foods industry today!

We not only created a no-heat, delicate-pressing, and light & oxidation-protective bottling process... but we also ensure these oils are *3RD-PARTY TESTED & PROVEN against all "rancidity and oxidation" — making them in the ONLY truly health-safe and perfectly-pressed Seed Oils on the market!

And we've formulated our BEST BLEND with the most enjoyable and palatable TASTE — a "multi-organ support" mix with balanced "Omega 6/3 ratio" for optimal whole body health!


It tastes AMAZING... and best off all — it supplies the OXYGEN-CARRYING OILS and "parent polyunsaturated-fats" your body desperately NEEDS today!

PERFECT-Oils with unmolested fats that allow each cell in your body to FIRE WITH ENERGY!

A PERFECT-BLEND that's perfectly formulated to support your whole body wellness:

...A blend of 5-SEEDS: Flax, Sesame, Sunflower, Pumpkin and Coriander seeds.

These five seeds have been carefully selected based on all our scientific analysis for both multi-organ support, and formulated by oil for the perfect "Omega6 to Omega3 ratio".

The perfect "Omega-6 to Omega-3" ratio:

Most people's biological composition can require anywhere from three-to-one (Omega 6-3) to two-to-one. So we chose to formulate our 5-SEED BLEND with the safest ratio of 2.5 to 1!

This way... enzymes in your body will process a natural blend of both at the same time.

First priority with this Seed-Oils is to "cleanse and replace" all your cells with the right fats...

Think of it as giving everyone of your body's "100-trillion" engines, an OIL-CHANGE!

A perfectly-balanced Multi-Organ-Support formulation:

Flax Seed: Flax was Johanna Budwigs "go-to" oil for healing... Providing whole body nutrition, Brain-support and incredible inflammation-cooling. It's nature's richest source of omega-3 fatty acids, while also rich in omega-6, omega-9, B vitamins, minerals and enhanced micronutrition.

Pumpkin Seed: Pumpkin is kind of like an adaptogen for regulating cholesterol, while also providing sexual organ and thyroid support! A powerful anti-inflammatory that can reduce risk of stroke, heart disease and arteriosclerosis. Pumpkin seed can also halt unhealthy formations like  kidney stones and certain cancers.

Sesame Seed: Sesame is a natural anti-bacterial and great kidney, blood and skin supporter — high in vitamin E, sesaminol and sesamin; which also may reduce your risk of heart disease and protect your body from cancer. Also packed with B-vitamins, amino acids and minerals.

Sunflower Seed: Sunflower is heart supportive and a dream for your skin, joints, eyes and cardiovascular system — containing ample amounts of vitamin E, natural lubricators, and essential fatty acids that cannot be produced within our bodies.

Coriander Seed: Coriander is a natural tonic for the spleen, gut, liver and pancreas. A natural aphrodisiac, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-bacteria and anti-fungal. It's also been used as a remedy for diabetes, alleviating digestive symtoms and combats 97% of all food-borne illness!

Then there's our entire
sourcing & product manufacturing process:

Every seed oil company around the world has found it impossible to release life from seeds without severely damaging the micronutrients and initiating the oxidation process...

Because of this they have to over -process the oils and they all end up with severely-damaged micronutrients and require refrigeration to slow rancidity so they can earn limited shelf-stability.

...Even the so-called "cold-pressing" technologies fail to deliver undamaged oils, because the mechanical grinding and friction alone causes extensive damage.

*FACT #1: If you press "contaminated seeds" using any method, you produce TOXIC-OIL.
*FACT #2: If you press any seeds incorrectly... they become DAMAGING to your body.
*FACT #3: If you store seed oil in typical plastic or glass containers you get oil that's RANCID!

So what about our Oils?

Our PERFECT PRESS™ SEED OILS don't require refrigeration and have been put through rigorous (third party) testing to ensure every bottle is perfectly stable at room temperature.

*In fact, Here's a *3rd-party report on our most volatile oil (FLAX)
showing ZERO-RANCIDITY — even after 2-YEARS shelved at room-temperature:

The Only Perfectly-Pressed Seed Oils In The World!

So what the heck is our secret??

We start with sourcing our seeds from the best places on Earth...


We have very strict sourcing standards and only buy certified organic seeds that are fresh-harvested — as well as tested for freshness, contaminents, pesticides and heavy metals.

Once received, we run each seed batch through a "chemical-free clean" to ensure zero debree, improper moisture (which is crucial for proper pressing) or any potential mold-contamination.

As soon as we ensure pristine and "press-ready" seeds, we move on to pressing...


This part is what separates the "men from the boys"... a VERY sensitive process if you want to "keep the life of the seeds" intact. And it's very serious business.

To accomplish this, Seed-Oil needs to be extracted in a fraction-of-a-second to deliver perfectly intact nutrientsWITHOUT friction, solvents, heat or grinding!

Sounds impossible right?

We have the only pressing-technology to accomplish this in the world. A Proprietary oil pressing-method called PERFECT-PRESS ™ Technology — we spent years developing.

No other pressing tech; "cold-pressed, hydrollic or expeller, etc" can produce a zero-rancidity lab verified seed oil. Outside of us it simply doesn't exist... or we wouldn't have bothered.

...However, all the "perfect-pressing" in the world won't matter if the Oil is STORED incorrectly!


Once Seed OIl is bottled in common plastic or glass containers... it begins going rancid. It must be stored in a container that prevents any harmful light and oxidation damage.

We've found one container that accomplishes this: The Miron Bottle. And they aren't cheap, but they were engineered to protect sensitive products from quality-lessening influences of light.

MIRON violet glass is the only reason our Seed Oils can be stored at room-temperature and maintain the same high level of quality over a very long period of time! (*up to 3 years!)

And that's why all our oils are instantly sealed in a new premium Miron Bottle upon pressing!

...All these careful combinations, from best-quality sourcing, to PERFECT-PRESS technology, to MIRON bottling... results in the most stable, fully beneficial, therapeutic Seed Oil available!

Because of the sensitivity of the Oils we take this process very VERY seriously.

Here at ACTIVATION we have a purpose:

The health benefits you can reap from this 5-SEED BLEND are quite infinite:

  • Soothe inflammation throughout your entire body...
  • Empower every cell in your body to CANDLE with everlasting health...
  • Receiving fatty acids needed to make prostaglandin hormones for heart and sexual health!
  • Supporting the unblock age of arteries to decrease the incidence of blood clots...
  • Strengthen vilality through remineralization, natural antioxidants and essential amino acids!
  • Retain more moistureno more chapped lips, irritated skin, or dried out hair!
  • Ensure a strong immune system that helps protect your body from chronic disease threats!

Cellular health is the "starting-line" for all health. The limit of benefit is truly ENDLESS.

The important question is:

Are You Ready to Feel a New-Level of Health
You've Yet to Experience ?

🔥   REMEMBER THIS SCARY-FACT? Just one tablespoon of adulterated-oil/fats can supply 100,000 defective molecules for each cell in your entire body!

...Well likewise: *When you take ONE TABLESPOON DAILY of our 5-SEED BLEND you will be supplying the 100,000 PROPER MOLECULES for every cell in your entire body!!

What do you think THAT WILL DO for your health!?

What do you think that'll do to reduce trauma transpiring inside you?

How do you think that' ll HELP YOU FEEL!

...Can you see the massive implications this has for your health?

...Can you SEE the beauty in "repairing your body" at it's very CORE??

These perfectly-pressed Seed Oils supply your cells with everything needed to function and fire fully — allowing you to oxygenate and power your body to its FULLEST!


“This stuff has changed my LIFE!!!”

“I have had a host of issues for over 10 years now... After trying just about anything and everything, I had all but given up on leading a normal life. In one last ditch effort, I tried this against my better judgement, especially considering I’d fallen for many other “miracle” products in my search for something to ease my suffering and nothing had made enough of a significant difference to justify the price-tag that accompanied it. The only two things that even seemed to help at all were ginger caplets for the nausea and coconut oil for overall health. Still, these alone were not making enough of an impact and I was desperate so I researched your PERFECT-PRESS 5-SEED BLEND long and hard and found it promising enough to pay the price and give it a try... This stuff has changed my LIFE!!!

I put that on its own line because I wanted to signify the profound importance and impact of that statement. When I say that, I’m not exaggerating or sensationalizing. I have no vested interest in the company that manufactures this product, nor am I getting paid to say it or even to leave a favorable review. Plain and simple, if even one person can get the same results that I have and ease the pain and suffering they’re going through, then I would be shamefully remiss if I didn’t relate what this has meant for me. It hasn’t just eased my issues, it has given me my life back!

...In the span of 2 months, I went from feeling permanently ill and debilitated to only having occasional but very manageable complaints. Heck, I was experiencing improvement the first week! My digestive problems have vastly improved to just minor upsets and my heart rate has come down enough that mere daily activity doesn’t leave me feeling utterly wiped out. I’m now finally able to move forward in my life, a possibility that was a distant fantasy for me just a year ago!”

~ Amara C.

...Because of VITAL-NECESSITY of these oxygen-carrying-fats and nature of unavailability in our food supply... we firmly believe there is not a SINGLE-SUPPLEMENT for your health in existence that can benefit your body MORE, than this carefully-formulated 5-SEED BLEND.

That's why we offer you:


If you don't see and feel noticeable results in your skin, gut, energy, vitality, sleep, mental clarity and/or over-all well-being... then we'll offer you a 100% FULL-REFUND, and we won't even burden you with a trip to the post office — just KEEP THE BOTTLE!

It all boils down to this...

We know the value of our products and are here to sell you SOLUTIONS, not problems.

...And we make BIG PROMISES to change your life! (Not lose money!)

Please call our bluff: These Oils are carried through an extensive, very-delicate and thorough process. And are not cheap to produce... by guaranteeing your satisfaction we are the ones bearing the risk. NOT you!

You actually have ZERO TO LOSE and you have only revolutionary health to gain!

Plus we win too, because you'll be an uber-happy customer for life!

PERFECT-PRESS™ 5-SEED BLEND is something you MUST experience to truly understand.

So we want to make this really easy for you... at the end of the day, most folks aren't scientists, and most likely you're going to judge these Seed OIls by how they make you FEEL.

So here's what I want you to do: Take them for a minimum of 30-60 days and if you don't see an improvement in your health — either on your medical checkups or HOW YOU FEEL, then you can contact us for a full-refund.

Like I stated there are NO STRINGS... you can even keep the bottle!

Fair? The truth is you have A LOT MORE TO GAIN than we do... we just want to help you gain vitality, so we can continue helping folks like yourself and the many more out there!

So take my word for it and DON'T deprive yourself of your necessary vitality!

Every cell in your body is like a tiny "stock car"... and it's time to REV-THOSE-ENGINES!!

Once you experience what I'm talking about... and what thousands of other folks already have, the "dot's will connect" and you'll intuitively understand.

Think of it as "taking the RED-PILL ."

You can enter a world where...

...Your cells will begin to thrive with POWER.

....Pathogens take a hike and your blood flows clean.

.....Your organs function and assimilate their tasks effortlessly.

......You FEEL completely vital and optimal... you truly feel like "the one".

But nothing I can say is going to communicate the new reality you will experience.

You simply have to experience the distinct changes in your body for yourself...

This could be the best health decision you've ever made if you choose to stick with it.

We don't need your money if you forget about it in the cupboard.....

So please select your Seed Oil below and consume it DAILY... and I promise you will experience life in a whole new light...

You only have a WHOLE NEW WORLD to gain!


A Wonderful Boost In Your Well-being: GUARANTEED!

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Either way, select the option that's best for you and your family!

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P.S. We don't support hype or BS... we’re here to produce special and unique products that make a real difference in your health. We stand behind our promise and keep things simple:

FEEL BETTER... Or It's Yours FREE!

Reviews for Five Seed Blend:

"Please thank Mr. Clark for me..."

"...I love the taste and I know it must be doing me a lot of good as well!  Ian Clark is my inspiration as I saw his before and after photos of his health. I can't thank him enough for sharing all that he learned with the masses of people like myself who wants longevity with excellent health!  And now I know it's in my destiny!  Please thank Mr. Clark for me."

~ Enrietta

"A few days... already feel a lot of the inflammation I have been experiencing the last few years being removed."

"...I have only been taking the Perfect-Press for a few days, but can already feel a lot of the inflammation I have been experiencing the last few years being removed. Thank you for a great product."

~ Jean W.

"I have more energy than I think I ever remember having..."

"...Hi. Just wanted to see if any one else is reporting the same experience with the Perfect press oil that I am having. I have more energy than I think I ever remember having and I am now 46 years old. It is to the point where I feel like I am crawling out of my skin and I can hardly sit still. I didn't go to work today because I couldn't stand the thought of sitting in my car for 15 minutes but I did stack two cords of wood and rake my yard. Any stiffness I had has gone but I can't stop stretching and flexing all my joints. I've been taking the oil for two weeks now and just wondered if any one else has reported a similar reaction. Thank you. All the best."

~ Tom M.

"Please place another auto ship order as soon as possible..."

"...Good day, We believe that the Five Seed Oil Blend I ordered in August is an excellent product as our skin seems thicker, it seems my hair is also thicker and little lesions are diminishing. Therefore we would like to double the auto ship order and have the next 3 bottles sent as soon as possible to insure we continue our daily ingestion of same! Please place another auto ship order for Item APPSO200_3MONTHLY as soon as possible or call me at as soon as possible to make the arrangements! Have a splendid Sunday and wonderful week! Namaste with Love and Light, Richard, CNHP"

~ Richard T.

"I truly feel sorry for the people who ignore..."

"...This stuff is life changing! I've been on Oceans Alive and Perfect-5 Blend Oil for about 3 weeks and I now have the energy that I've been desperately searching for a long time. I feel motivated once again to focus on what's most important within each moment. Everyone who is ready to make that SHIFT in their life NEEDS to try these products. It will accelerate your growth exponentially. Check it out. You will truly become ACTIVATED. DNA rocket fuel. At a great price too. I truly feel sorry for the people who ignore such a revolutionary leap in our health and well-being. These 2 products are the real deal. Thank you Activation Products!!!"

~ A Cruz

"Struggled with blood sugar issues my whole life..."

"...I am so happy I have five seed oil! I have to admit drinking oil never came to my mind as a healthy thing to do. This is not the kind of oil you avoid. Your body needs oil. It is the building blocks for your cells. I have struggled with blood sugar issues my whole life. It has taken a toll on my memory. I usually joke and make excuses that I have "mommy brain". Since taking the seed oil I have noticed my thinking is sharper.

I've also noticed that when my lips are chapped and I rub some on my lips they are better in an hour. This is handy when you live at high altitude. Even when you put it on cuts and burns it heals quick. Another benefit is I don't have to eat as much protein that my body needed to keep my blood sugar at a consistent level. This is nice because I save money on my grocery bill."

~ Kathie G.

"...You will find you cannot live without these amazing oils."

"...I love Perfect oils. They taste better than any other oils I've ever tried. I have notice an improvement in my digestion and regularity. They have made my skin and hair soft and smooth. I find that they are great in relieving inflammation of the muscles and joint. If you are thinking about trying them give yourself two weeks to see a change you will find that you cannot live without these amazing oils."

~ Lela B.

"Our family is in our most vibrant health!"

"...Our family loves Perfect Press Oils. They are the best oils in the world. Thank you for seeking out the best organic seeds, using the highest quality presses, using ultraviolet light proof glass bottles, and making these oils! Our family is in our most vibrant health!"

~ June L.

"I must say this product is amazing..."

"...I just started taking the 5 oil blend 2 weeks now, and I must say this product is amazing. I've been suffering for over 15 years and have tried everything for relief. Nothing works except this oil. I'm telling everybody I know with this condition about your product because this is my 2nd straight week with NO pain!!! I'm so surprised. Looks like this thing is just eating away all the inflammation caused by my condition, I don't know but it's working...Thank you guys so much for this gift of Perfect Press!"

~ Gloria T.

"You have a customer for life! Thank you so much."

"...After using your wonderful oil for 3 weeks my joint inflammation has lessened considerably. It has taken the edge off of severe pain throughout my body and I only hope you don't go out of business. You have a customer for life! Thank you so much."

~ Beverly C.

"Thank you for your amazing product."

"...Hi there: I've been giving this oil to my 9 year old chihuahua and the results have just been phenomenal – the haziness in both his eyes are gone and his fur is as soft as a 6-month old puppy. I'm very excited about this product – I've been sharing this with all my clients as well. Thank you for your amazing product."

~ Elizabeth M.

"5 seed blend is Miraculous !!!!!!!"

"...12 plus years of debilitating Migraines "Gone"——Thank you Bless you—–5 seed blend is Miraculous !!!!!!! We are saving up to get the Black Cumin seed blend next."

~ Mary Jo. R

"It's fantastic!"

"...The reason I take the Perfect 5 oil, I am vegan and been so about 10 years, and my body doesn't seem to process essential fats, so I take the oil with expectation that it'll guard against from illnesses. It's fantastic!"

~ Debra K.

"Nothing worked except this product."

"...Higher energy, definitely feel a boost in energy; have suffered with general malaise for last few years and nothing worked except this product."

~ Paul K.

"This is really a miracle product..."

"...This is really a miracle product; really see a difference. Now my friend is much better than how he was before; stomach does hurt, but not like he was before; this oil really helped him."

~ Joslyn K.

"5 oil blend really has helped my lungs..."

"...The 5 oil blend really has helped my lungs and combined with the magnesium spray and I have had an easier time this spring."

~ Lauren W.

"I decided also to give it to my dog..."

"...I have been taking Perfect Press Five Oil for myself now for several months and love what it is doing for me so I decided also to give it to my dog, a beautiful cream-colored Chow Chow with whitish highlights on it's tail, etc. As you know, Chow Chows are known for their very dense double coats making them look like bears or lions and have the purple blue tongues which they are known for.

I started giving Oil on my Chow Chow and behold what a show-piece it has made of his appearance. He had some hot-spots and itching before but now no more! Although just a pet, now he looks like a real ‘classy' show dog! Just thought I'd share this for those that are using Five Oil for themselves and want to share it with their doggies as well."

~ Shirley F

"Tastes very good!"

"...Used right away and found relief with my aching foot. Love this. Tastes very good!"

~ Carrie B.

"I am 65 and have absolutely nothing wrong with my health..."

"...I have been using 5-Seed blend for more than a year. I put it in my morning protein shake and don't taste it at all. I also love to use it on my salad rather than conventional dressings and personally think it tastes fantastic. I was not sick when I began taking 5-Seed so I can't give a rave review of deathbed to health.... I take this because of the healing properties and I want to STAY well. I am 65 and have absolutely nothing wrong with my health which is amazing to others who take a myriad of prescriptions and have debilitating issues."

~ Allie M.

"My mom (who is 84) all of her skin lesions are gone..."

"...Hello, I just wanted to comment. My mom (who is 84) has been using the Five Seed Blend since August '14, and all of her skin lesions are gone and she doesn't even itch! This product gave her her life back. She just ran out so we ordered her more today. In the beginning she couldn't stand the taste.. I told her to keep it up so she dipped bread into the oil... but now she just uses a teaspoon. UNBELIEVABLE! Just wanted to pass this along."

~ Laurie Youmans

"Since my family began we have stayed healthy..."

"...Since my family began taking the five seed oil blend we have stayed healthy even though my son just started kindergarten! This is unprecedented for our family! I am so thankful for the Activation team!"

~ Summer Bock

"Your 5-SEED BLEND oil really is surprising!"

"...I have been happy with your oils, surprised, actually. I am getting on in years, 73, and have had several health issues that I just expect to happen as I age. Well, your 5-SEED BLEND oil, really is surprising! My energy is really rising. So will see where we go from here. Thank you so much."

~ Wilma R.

"I wasn't prepared for how big of a difference... Within one day"

"...When I heard about PERFECT-PRESS, I got really excited because I knew the influx of healthy fats would make a difference. But I wasn't prepared for how big of a difference it made. Within one day, I had more energy, less pain, clearer thinking and felt way more positive. "Wow, you mean this is what circulation feels like?!?!" I got so excited that I couldn't stop ingesting this stuff. I was taking one tablespoon after the other and just kept feeling better and better. Since I've started taking 5-SEED BLEND, I've been able to quit taking other supplements. This is all my body needs to feel good. I'm in your debt."

~ Mark P.

"I am amazed and excited about the changes..."

"...For many years I have awakened with very bad breath and have tried a lot of products to correct the problem but nothing worked. I am very happy to report that after only a few days of taking 2 teaspoons daily of the 5-seed blend the bad breath is gone. My libido is also improving. I am amazed and excited about the changes I am seeing and I have only been taking it for about 1 week."

~Warren C.

"Wow buddy.. you look great..."

"...I started to use the Five Seed Blend a few weeks ago. I use it daily in a smoothy & take the Oceans Alive 1st up on an empty stomach. The comments I get recently, "Wow buddy.. you look great... lookin' younger... you lost some weight. You look great." By the way, I am 58 years young and my energy levels have increased since taking the products. I feel Awesome.. Even at my Medical check up recently: My GP said I look late 40's early 50's."

~ Gordon B.

"I am already seeing a positive result!!"

"...I have taken 5-SEED BLEND for 4 months and I am already seeing a positive result!! I LOVE your products and find them to be of impeccable quality!! I would very much like to know about your affiliate program."

~ Deni F.

"I felt better almost immediately..."

"...I am so glad I purchased this oil. I felt better almost immediately. I have been taking the 5-SEED BLEND for three days now and I can see a difference in the pain. I have knee pain and other pain in my joints. I am hoping this oil will work a miracle for me too. I told my son about it and I am going to order some for him. Just thought I would pass this along."

~ P.W.

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